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The Cosplay of PAX East 2014
One of the best parts of attending a video game convention is seeing all the cosplayers, with their fantastical garb and whimsical props. PAX East 2014 was no exception. While the 4Player ground team was hoofing it around the 2.1 million square feet of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Cente...
Published by Kris Guthridge on April 21, 2014
Stream Journal: Tactically Sound
I have a complicated relationship with strategy games. I really like the genre, and I love the idea behind it; using pure strategic thought to outwit and defeat your enemy. But I've only recently come around to this way of thinking, and as such have only played a few of the more recent high-profi...
Published by Kris Guthridge on Jan. 24, 2014
PAX Prime 2013: What is CamDrome?
PAX Prime 2013 was a flurry of sights, sounds, and activity. Multi-million dollar titles with sprawling booths mingled with smaller indie titles in their modest yet spirited spaces. There was so much to see.
Published by Kris Guthridge on Sept. 4, 2013
Meet Copperhead and the Villains of 'Batman Arkham Origins'
Are you excited for Batman: Arkham Origins? I’m excited for Batman: Arkham Origins. On the off chance you live under a rock that also happens to lack an internet connection, here’s the skinny: Arkham Orgins will be the third game in the Batman: Arkham franchise, set several years before 2011’s Ar...
Published by Kris Guthridge on July 24, 2013
E3 2013: New Star Wars Battlefront Game? Don't Mind If I Do
Electronic Arts, the recently appointed Dark Lord of all things Star Wars gaming, announced today a new Star Wars: Battlefront game. Finally, right? The new entry in the popular multiplayer shooter franchise will be overseen, appropriatley enought, by DICE, and as such will be constructed using t...
Published by Kris Guthridge on June 10, 2013
The Revolution is Upon Us: Prepare For Assassin's Creed 3
2007 saw the introduction of a franchise that in just five short years would become one of the biggest series of games this generation. Assassin’s Creed has changed the way we think of open-world action games and stealth games, and the space where those two genres intersect. The series is not wit...
Published by Kris Guthridge on Oct. 30, 2012
Review: Borderlands 2
BORDERLANDS 101: 1.)  Kill Dudes 2.)  Loot Guns 3.)  Repeat A simple, almost eloquent formula. And whether you were a fan of the first Borderlands or not, you can’t deny it’s success. But how does that formula fare the second time around?
Published by Kris Guthridge on Oct. 1, 2012