Revival Club

Welcome to the 4Player Revival Club; a fun way to broaden your gaming horizons together as a community. This club originally started in the early days of 4Player as a podcast that involved the staff playing and then discussing a single game. We recorded 3 episodes back in the day (featuring: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Jade Empire, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent) but sadly, we were not able to maintain it. With the help of Discord and Patreon, we have found a fun way to bring it back in a big way!

How It Works

The concept remains largely untouched but the community at large is now invited to play along and contribute to the discussions! While everyone is welcome to participate, those who subscribe on Twitch or support us on Patreon at the Level 3 ($3+ per month) tier or higher can get directly involved in the nomination/voting process AND contribute to the discussions on the podcast that will be recorded at the end of each session! So here is the process in a nutshell:

  • Nominate / Vote - Every month or two, we will review the master list of nominations, curate the list together as a group, and then open it up for voting. The winner of that poll will then be featured as the next game in the club! Games that aren’t selected will not be removed from the master list and may still be considered on future episodes. The runner up from each poll will be automatically included as one of the options in the following month’s poll. Nominations are collected via the #Nominations channel in the Revival Club Discord group.
  • Discord - Once the new game has been selected, a dedicated Discord channel will be created where Patrons and Twitch subscribers can convene to talk about their experiences with the game.
  • Secure the Game - Once a game has been selected, communication is highly encouraged so that everyone who wants to participate can help find the best means of playing the game. Help each other find deals or discuss differences in platform options to ensure everyone can make an informed decision! Who knows, maybe this will be a fun opportunity to pay a visit to your local game shop and hunt down some older stuff!
  • Play the Game - This is meant to be low commitment so the idea is for everyone to play the game at their own pace for the duration of the session (1 - 2 months depending on the game). There is no pressure to finish the game in question so if you aren’t digging it, feel free to put it down. Throughout the session, we encourage everyone to make use of the Discord channel to discuss their experiences, their grievances, pose questions, and help each other out when needed. Comments that may lead to potential discussion will be pinned in the channel and referenced in the bonus podcast (all supporters who contribute will be referenced by name during the bonus podcast)
  • Tell Us your Thoughts for the Bonus Podcast - We will cap off each session with a short bonus podcast that uses your feedback to fuel discussion and present our final thoughts on the game. Questions and talking points will be collected in the dedicated Discord room AND in an official thread on Patreon! Episodes will be recorded live and then released 24-48 hours later on our main podcast feed!