Welcome to the 4Player Revival Club; a fun way to revisit games of old and broaden your gaming horizons together with the community. Members are invited to nominate and vote for the games that we feature and then discuss them together in Discord. At the end of each session (usually 1 - 2 months), Nick hosts a podcast that brings together staff and a community guest to discuss the game’s legacy and their time spent with the game.

Currently Playing: Alpha Protocol

How does it Work?

The concept remains largely untouched but the community at large is now invited to play along and contribute to the discussions! While everyone is welcome to participate, those who subscribe on Twitch or support us on Patreon at the Level 3 ($3+ per month) tier or higher can get directly involved in the nomination/voting process AND contribute to the discussions on the podcast that will be recorded at the end of each session! So here is the process in a nutshell:

Nominate & Vote

At the start of a new session, members and staff are invited to nominate games that will be featured in a bracket (16 games max) with 4 rounds of voting.

Play & Discuss

A dedicated Discord channel will be created for each new game where Patrons and Twitch subscribers can convene to talk about their experiences and support each other as they play.

Listen to the Podcast

We cap off each session with a short bonus podcast featuring staff and a community guest (picked from Revival Club volunteers) where we talk about the game. Feedback and discussion from the Discord may also be used to elevate the conversation.

How do I Join?

Pledge $3+ per Month on Patreon

Coming in at $2 less than a standard Twitch subscription, this is the cheapest means of joining. Supporters get early access to all podcast episodes and access to exclusive Discord channels in Discord.

Subscribe on Twitch

The classic means of support via Twitch has been a lifeline for us since the early days. For $5 per month (or your Amazon Prime Twitch sub), you can subscribe on Twitch to receive the same benefits as our $3 Patreon pledges.

Join our Discord

Once you are a member, the last step is to link your Patreon or Twitch subscription to your Discord account. Doing so will unlock access to the exclusive Revival Club channels in Discord where you can vote and discuss with the rest of the club!

Podcast Episodes