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Revival Club - Vagrant Story
Brad dished up a real doozy for our latest Revival Club game. Vagrant Story may be verifiably impenetrable but it remains a fascinating RPG that remains unlike anything else out there. While the game may have proven too much for Nick (and perhaps the community at large) to overcome, Brad does an ...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Aug. 9, 2022
4Player Plus - Top 3 Upcoming Games we are NOT QUITE Sold On... Yet
It's time to hash out another Top 3 list and this month we are taking a closer look at a handful of upcoming projects that look promising but remain just outside our hype threshold. While we are eager to get our hands on most of these games, they still have something to prove. We try to get to th...
Published by 4Player Podcast on July 4, 2022
4Player Plus - Our Top 3 "Dream Projects"
This bonus episode marks the long awaited return of the "Top 3" (Formerly Top 5) podcast! For this episode, we discuss our "Dream Projects" - the game ideas, pitches, sequels that we desperately want to see come to fruition. If you are a fan of this content, please be sure to let us know with a c...
Published by 4Player Podcast on May 23, 2022
Revival Club - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
With the recent release of Deathloop, it only makes sense for the Revival Club to look back at the games that helped shape Arkane as the respected development studio that it is today. We went back to 2006 to take a look at a game that feels distinct from the games that define the studio today (Di...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Oct. 18, 2021
Revival Club - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
Nick is joined by community guest, Self, and resident fan of obscure FPS games, Chris Davis, to revisit S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat. For the uninitiated, this PC classic is often considered (for good reason) to be the precursor to the successful Metro series. While the series has spanned sever...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Oct. 18, 2021
Revival Club - Final Fantasy XII
Nick is joined by community guests, TheDrunkenMerchant and GonzoLewd, to talk about the 2nd Revival Club game of the year, Final Fantasy XII! While the series has a long and storied history, this entry is often overlooked or excluded during discussions about the series despite being chock full of...
Published by 4Player Podcast on May 24, 2021
Revival Club - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
On this episode of the Revival Club, Nick is joined by Castlevania super-fan, Brad Simons, and community guest, Ferakin, to dig into what makes Symphony of the Night such a classic. We examine it's wealth of secrets and discuss how its rough edges and imperfections actually make it even better. B...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Feb. 28, 2021
Revival Club - Bully
In this (long overdue) episode of the Revival Club, we dig into the underdog of Rockstar's catalog: Bully. Released in 2006, this game established a cult following over the years thanks to it's charm, humor, and departure from Rockstar's standard M-rated subject matter. Together, with two communi...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Oct. 20, 2020