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Revival Club - F.E.A.R.
The original F.E.A.R. from Monolith Productions is a genre-bending First-Person-Shooter / Horror game that released in 2005. Despite it's age, it may still be one of the best and most modern feeling FPS games available. On this episode of the Revival Club, Nick is joined by elusive podcaster, Car...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Nov. 20, 2019
4Player Plus - (09.17.2019) - PAX West 2019 Impressions Roundup with Ed
Ed returned from PAX West 2019 in Seattle with a giant list of games to talk about! There is a lot of big stuff on the horizon but let this podcast serve as a reminder that there is a ton of exciting Indie experiences worth looking out for! Hunker down with a pen and paper and write these puppies...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Sept. 28, 2019
Revival Club #1 - Devil May Cry 3
Welcome to the first episode of the Revival Club! Every few months, members of the community nominate, vote on, and play a game to discuss in Discord! We will wrap up each game with a short podcast where we will have a chance to respond to questions or thoughts shared by the community! In our fir...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Sept. 28, 2019
4Player Plus - Avengers Endgame Popcorn Cast (SPOILERS!)
The first saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to it's dramatic conclusion in Avengers Endgame! This 22 film epic has become a cultural phenomenon and a major topic of conversation here over the last 10 years. In this edition of 4Player Plus, we take a deep dive into this final chapter ...
Published by 4Player Podcast on May 8, 2019
4Player Plus - A Look Back at 'Red Dead Redemption 2'
Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of last year's best games. It struck a cord with a lot of us here at 4Player and now that the dust has settled, the time has come for us (with help from our Patreon supporters) to take a deep dive into the game! We talk about everything from the underlying themes to ...
Published by 4Player Podcast on April 18, 2019
4Player Plus - Is Capcom Back?
In our first bonus podcast of 2019, we ask an important but not entirely serious question: Is Capcom back? After a couple years of achieving impressive critical and financial success (thanks to games like Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7), it's time to start asking ourselves whether this ...
Published by Nick Henderson on March 21, 2019
The Reductive Game Awards Recap (4Player Plus - 12/06/2018)
It's the most wonderful time of the year. A time when the gaming community comes together to reap the fruit of all of Geoff Keighley's hard work. All kidding aside, the Game Awards have become another high profile celebration of the gaming industry that also happens to be jam packed with surprise...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Dec. 8, 2018
Spider-Man (PS4) Spoilercast/Review (4Player Plus - 09/17/2018)
Nick and Krispy dive deep into SPOILER territory to talk about what worked and what didn't in Spider-Man (PS4). Insomniac has delivered a game that is true to the source material while also blazing a new path ahead for this popular hero. We talk about the surprise villains, the thrilling action s...
Published by 4Player Podcast on Sept. 20, 2018