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Video Review: Batman: Arkham Knight
In late June, Rocksteady released their final entry in the Arkham series and we played the hell out of it. We couldn't decide on who should do the review though and from that debate was birthed an idea: a review of multiple voices and opinions on the product. The result: our first 4Player Review.
Published by Chris Davis on Aug. 4, 2015
Patron Week Finale: Jurassic World Popcorn Cast!
Patron week has come to an end but we have one last bit of content for you guys! First of all, we cannot thank you guys enough for your dedicated support and enthusiasm, not to mention the new people who felt that supporting us was a noble cause to take on!  As promised, you will find below a bra...
Published by Chris Davis on June 14, 2015
Patron Week Day 6: Enjoy These New Top 5 Videos!
Patron Week's end is fast approaching as we march into the weekend as E3 2015 begins.  Today we bring you our E3 Top 5 videos starring Nick, Brad and Chris as they share their thoughts about their most anticipated games of the show.  Watch below to check them out!
Published by Chris Davis on June 13, 2015
Patron Week Day 2: A Sneak Peek at Our Let's Play Series!
You guys are great, have we ever told you that?
Published by Chris Davis on June 8, 2015
Published by Chris Davis on June 3, 2015
Tune in Saturday For Our 24 Hour Operation Supply Drop Cast!
If you've even spent just an hour with us, you know that 4Player's biggest product is our Twitch channel that has been enjoyed by millions.  We love bringing you games every night whether it's events like Terror Tuesday, community game nights or even our brand new dual/duel streams.  We also like...
Published by Chris Davis on May 14, 2015
Five Things That Need to Change with the Return of the Music Game War
By the time you read this, the opening salvos in the Second Music Game War will have been fired as Activision will have formally announced their contempt for and opposition to the return of Rock Band by developer Harmonix with the reveal of a new Guitar Hero game.  For nearly five years, we have ...
Published by Chris Davis on April 15, 2015
Video Review: Dying Light
It takes a lot for an independent third party developer to set the world on fire these days and more so if your game exists within a genre that has been, quite literally, done to death.  Three and a half years ago, developer Techland was able to do just that with Dead Island thanks to a trailer d...
Published by Chris Davis on Feb. 16, 2015