Tune in Saturday For Our 24 Hour Operation Supply Drop Cast!

Published by Chris Davis on May 14, 2015

If you've even spent just an hour with us, you know that 4Player's biggest product is our Twitch channel that has been enjoyed by millions.  We love bringing you games every night whether it's events like Terror Tuesday, community game nights or even our brand new dual/duel streams.  We also like to give back to those that wish they could have as much fun as we do.  Last year we donated half of our proceeds from our Project M event to the Texas Childrens Hospital and this weekend we'll be doing it again, this time with everything going to Operation Supply Drop.

When deployed to the field, things can get dangerous for our troops.  To help them unwind in such stressful conditions, Operation Supply Drop ships carepackages of video games, consoles and everything they need to enjoy what we get to have fun with here at home in our living rooms.  Whether they are at an airstrip in Kosovo or a fire base on the Afghanistan frontier, Operation Supply Drop lets our valiant troops enjoy themselves in the harshest of environments.  4Player is proud to partner with this generous organization this Saturday for their 4th annnual 8-Bit Salute: Gaming for the Troops event and we hope you tune in for the fun!

Starting Satuday, May 16th at noon CST, we will be running a continuous 24 hour livestream on 4pp.tv!  This epic broadcast will be divided into four 6-hour blocks in which everyone here at 4Player brings you some great fun as we strive to collect $1500 in donations for Operation Supply Drop.

Our schedule:

12pm-6pm CST: Halo 2 Anniversary co-op dual stream with Nick and Chris

6pm-12am CST: Gmod and more community games with Nolan and Brad (GTA 5 included!)

12am-6am CST: Fatal Frame time with Nick, Kris and Carlos (vote for which game you want them to play!)

6am-12pm CST: George with Deus Ex and Brad with Hitman

We hope you guys tune in this Saturday for the fun and be sure to watch on 4pp.tv for the best viewing experience.  Unable to attend the stream but still want to donate to this great cause?  Simply visit our Operation Supply Drop donation page to contribute!


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    5 years, 2 months ago

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GET HYPE! Super excited for this, thinking about staying up for the whole 24 hours XD.