Cocktail Time LIVE, Ep. 37 - "My Soda Drinker Bro"

Published by Joseph Christ on April 16, 2013

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Time for Cocktail Time...LIVE!

(In the interest of time we've decided to push out the audio for CTT first with video coming later)

This week Joseph, Chris watch in horror as Bob eats chees & bacon flavored crickets, and then to cleanse that horrific taste, talk up Bioshock Infinite! In hour two CTT welcomes special guest Will Brierly, creator of Soda Drinker Pro and Bob talks about his 'experience' with Micheal Jacson the Experience for Kinect and the glory that is Moonraker! Joseph finishes up with describing the final puzzle of Phantasmagoria 2.


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  • Nadia Avatar
    7 years, 2 months ago

    I wonder if I should explain why I know so much about makeup or I should just keep the kids wondering. Men like a mysterious woman, right? Is that how it goes?