Trailer Talk - N00B PWNT RAIDER Edition

Published by Joseph Christ on Feb. 6, 2013

Brad is back with a brand-spanking new Trailer Talk! He coveres the Wonderful 101, X, Shin Megami Tensi X Fire Emblem,  Aliens: Colonial Marines, Remember Me, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Brad goes to town on the new Tomb Raider trailer


  • Absolutely_Daft Avatar
    7 years, 10 months ago

    I'm glad Trailer Talk has made its return. my thoughts on several trailers are that Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is gonna play a lot like a devil survivor game, W-101 looks really cool and so does X. I really don't get why Microsoft is trying to appeal to MMA fans with the new Tomb Taider controller ad, but video games and even ATLUS have had advertised spots on the Octogon for years.

  • Zladko Avatar
    7 years, 10 months ago

    that was great

  • KreigC-Rhino Avatar
    7 years, 10 months ago

    Very funny. Very interested in seeing most of these games, and having Brad show trailers that I missed. I wouldn't have known half of these games were coming out without him saying something. Hopefully we can see more of these.

  • dumon Avatar
    7 years, 10 months ago

    That Tomb Raider trailer was magical.

  • Kdbattletoad Avatar
    7 years, 10 months ago

    Yay, Trailer Talk is back! That X game looks very intriguing. I might just buy a Wii U.

  • theottomatic91 Avatar
    7 years, 10 months ago

    w00t trailer talk returns.