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Meet the Team

Since the very beginning, 4Player has been a collaborative effort that exists thanks to the enthusiasm of a wonderful online community and the dedication of a group of friends who all share a love of video games. Below you can learn a little bit more about the contributors who make this such a fun and rewarding show to produce every single week!

Looking for a good recommendation on what to play next? You can use the buttons below to take a look back at our personal Top 10 lists from previous years! Be sure to make use of the Playlist controls in the Popup player to navigate between videos or click the title to visit the playlist on YouTube. Our Top 10 Games of All Time videos will also be added as they are made available! Enjoy!


Nick Henderson

Podcast Host / Managing Editor


Nick co-founded 4Player along with David and Brad back in 2007 and has since adopted the (unfortunate?) title of podcast host and resident optimist. You may recognize him as the guy who loves Dexter, “hates” PC gaming, and screams “Holy Balls” on the stream. In his free time, he locks himself in his room, curses Konami, and mourns the cancellation of Silent Hills.

Favorite Genres: Survival Horror, Adventure, Open World

Brad Simons

Podcaster / Broadcast Manager


Brad co-founded 4Player Podcast and has been involved with the show longer than anybody! He holds the title of most-frequent broadcaster and is widely known for his on-stream antics, epic rants, and his dramatic reactions when playing scary games. He wants you to know that he invented “Scooter Brothers” and that he actually hates playing scary games but he does it anyways for your enjoyment.

Favorite Genres: Tactical RPG, JRPG, Platformer

Kris Guthridge

Podcaster / Broadcaster


Kris (commonly referred to as Krispy) came on board in 2012 and quickly established himself as the authority on comic books within the group. Don’t let that fool you though! Kris is a connoisseur of pop culture with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of film, comics, and “useless” knowledge that make him an integral component of the 4Player crew every week.

Favorite Genres: Action, Sci-Fi Adventure, Competitive shooters

Nolan Hedstrom

Podcaster / Broadcaster


Nolan was introduced to the show in 2010 and has been a major contributor ever since! He currently lives in a castle and currently sacrifices one of his many empty bedrooms as a podcast recording studio (for which we are very thankful). He’s a champion of indie games of all sizes and perhaps wields the most competitive spirit in the group; a fitting title considering he doesn’t lose at things.

Favorite Genres: Indie darling, Multiplayer, Action

Producers and Contributors

Chris Davis

Video Feature Producer / Podcaster


Chris Davis joined the group at some point that none of the other guys can really remember. One day, he just appeared. Since then, he has been a reliable member of the team who not only lends his knowledge of gaming but also his technical expertise in video production by overseeing the live production of the podcast every week and production of all of the video features that we release.

Favorite Genres: First person shooter, Strategy, Stealth

Ed Mitchell

Podcaster / Back End Developer


Ed answered the call when we reached out to the community for help with back-end development on the website and we ended up with yet another awesome addition to the team! Aside from handling back-end functionality on the website, Ed streams on our channel weekly and appears periodically on the podcast to talk shop! We lucked out even further as Ed and his family recently made the move to Austin!

Favorite Genres: MMO, RPG, Adventure

Carlos Ottino

The Roger Ebert of Video Games


Carlos has been a major contributor to 4Player and the community for years. He takes an unusual approach to video game criticism so describing him in words can prove difficult. He has taken many forms since he first appeared but he prides himself on his ability to blur the lines between video game critic and walking meme. If you ask him, he is the self proclaimed ‘Roger Ebert of Video Games.’ He would be wrong.

Favorite Genres: Video game masochism, Hollow Knight, Dancing Bear simulators

George Denison

Broadcaster / Contributor


One of two contributors from across the pond, George came to us first as a community member and later came on as a content contributor who streams weekly on Twitch and joins us for Bonus podcasts when possible! He plays a bit of everything but has developed a reputation for finding Indie gems and bringing them into the spotlight for the community to enjoy!

Favorite Genres: Indie, Puzzle, Survival Horror


Community Liason


Also hailing from the UK, Jager has been as a dedicated listener/viewer for years and has often served as an invaluable Liason between the staff and the community at large. His knowledge of the industry and his valuable input has allowed him to naturally evolve into a crucial member of our team. If you need something, you can find Jager actively engaging the community in Discord or in Chat.

Favorite Genres: RPG, Survival Horror, Stealth

Special Thanks


Senior Community Member


Special thanks to ChaiThai for being such a consistent and devoted member of our community throughout the years and for hosting us every year when we travel to Los Angeles to attend E3.


Branding Designer


Special thanks to Bjarki for voluntarily taking the time and effort to put together such an awesome new 4Player branding kit in 2017 and for allowing us to use it! Your designs were a welcomed change!


Artist / Senior Community Member


Special thanks to Nellufy for the amazing character artwork that we now proudly use throughout our website and branding. Your talent is irrefutable. Thank you as well for being such a nice and welcoming member of our community.

4Player Podcast Logo

Schedule: Recorded live every Thursday Night at 8PM (CST)

Hosts: Nick Henderson, Brad Simons, Nolan Hedstrom, Kristopher Guthridge

4Player Podcast is an enthusiast gaming show that has been streaming and providing commentary on the Video Game Industry since the dawn of live game streaming on Justin TV (Now! We convene every week to discuss the games we have been playing, industry news, and respond to questions and feedback from our awesome community!

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