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The Players

Brad Simons
Castlevania Nerd / Lover of Menus
Nick Henderson
Relentless Optimist / Champion for the underdogs
Nolan Hedstrom
Prince of Dad Jokes / Will beat you at games
Kris Guthridge
Dungeon Master / Walking encycopedia of film knowledge
Chris Davis
Played 800+ hours of 'The Division' / Maker of Videos
Ed Mitchell
Development wizard / International Man of Mystery

Recording / Stream Schedule

Chat Rules

  1. Please do not post links during a broadcast. If you need to post a link, get permission from the current broadcaster or a chat moderator. Links when the feed are not live are fine though please refrain from using tinyurl or
  2. Do not start or support a flamewar.
  3. Do not spam messages and do not create multiple accounts to sustain spam.
  4. Do not make offensive remarks to another chat member's religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. For example, using "gay" or the "n-word" as an insult or chauvinist jokes.
  5. Do not speak in all caps (unless in short, non-excessive bursts).
  6. Do not perform fake time-outs (typing "" or "" without being timed out).
  7. Do not say fail, fission mailed, owned/pwned, or related memes.
  8. Do not spoil any video game, book, movie, etc, regardless if it's fake or true.
  9. Do not make another account if you have been banned. That account will be banned as well. Instead, make a ban appeal in our forum.
  10. Please do not spam Twitch/Subscriber emoticons.
  11. Video game requests will not be taken (unless requested by broadcaster)
  12. Do not insult the broadcaster, they are doing this for your entertainment.
  13. Please do not state obviously false information when requested by a fellow chat member. (Such as the title of a game)
  14. Please do not ask to become voiced, modded or try to call out attention with caps.
  15. Please do not provide false information on a video game. Only try to help if called upon by a broadcaster.
  16. Do not overuse the /me chat function, or chat bots.
  17. Do not advertise unless given permission to do so.
  18. Do not start polls in chat. (For example, "which console is better", "which game should I get", etc.)
  19. Please do not say purged, banned, or the like when a person receives a punishment, it is best to ignore them. Also, it is best to ignore people or a person trying to incite flamewars.
  20. Please don't ask technical questions regarding broadcasting in chat, there is a dedicated help channeland help resources for that. Also please see this post for specific equipment used. (Please note: As of May 2, 2010, this is not the capture card system used. 4PP now uses a Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card device.)
  21. For best communication use the English language. It is the language spoken by the broadcasters and the majority of the chat. It's best to speak in an IM for any other language.
  22. If there is a failure to comply to rules after multiple punishments you can be banned.
  23. If you have been banned, then refer to the ban appeal forum to see if you can negotiate out of being banned. Under no circumstances is creating an alternate account acceptable to avoid a time-out, ban, or re-negotiate a ban while in chat.