The video game industry landscape continues to shift and collapse as everyone tries to time their layoffs to blend in with the outrage aimed almost entirely at Xbox. While the AAA space might be in turmoil at the moment, May is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible month for indie releases! We try our best (and mostly succeed) to not spoil Animal Well; but with a game built around discovery and experimentation, it proves difficult. As a lover of classic survival horror, Nick is ecstatic to share his thoughts on Crow Country while Brad hypes up V Rising which just hit 1.0 and offers one of the most genuine and addicting Vampire power fantasies out there. In the 2nd segment, Chris Davis entices Krispy to play Star Ocean: The Second Story R with an impressive but unexpected pitch.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Impressions - Animal Well (13:10)
Impressions - Crow Country (35:25)
Impressions - V Rising (42:00)
Impressions - Star Ocean: The Second Story R (1:10:40)
News - Playstation now has TWO CEOs... Hurray! (1:02:00)
Fantasy Critic Updates (1:22:00)
News - Assassin's Creed: Shadows to be Revealed on May 15th (1:26:00)
4Player Minute (1:34:00)
and more...

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