This week, we discuss not ONE, but TWO, Sony State of Plays! First, we delve into all of the new info about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Nolan gives us his thoughts after playing through the brand new demo! After that, Brad takes another journey into the wacky world of Yakuza with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and to nobody's surprise, he loves it. In the second half, Nick finally broaches the subject of Konami's handling of the Silent Hill revival after having a few days to contemplate. It's a complex subject given the breadth of projects in development versus the games we have actually played but he does his best. Of course, this includes his thoughts on Silent Hill: The Short Message, a free 2-hour experience that seems dead set on artificially re-creating P.T... spoiler alert, that was probably a bad idea.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Housekeeping - GOTY Videos! (3:45)
Reactions - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth details + Demo Impressions (18:15)
Impressions - Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (46:00)
Inquiring Minds want to Know: How does Nick feel about the Silent Hill Revival thus far?
Impressions - Silent Hill: The Short Message (1:07:20)
Recap: Sony State of Play (1:43:05)
4Player Minute (2:00:00)
and more...

Link Dump:

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