It's been 3 weeks since our last podcast recording but the industry hasn't slowed down to wait for us! The news segment this week is bursting at the seams with big headlines like the return of Silent Hill, our first real look at the remake of Resident Evil 4, and the unfortunate drama unfolding between Platinum Games and the original Bayonetta voice actress, Hellena Taylor. But before we get there, we have loads of new games to talk about. Things get weird (and squishy) when talks about Scorn, Nolan laments the troubled launch of Deathverse: Let it Die, and Krispy is losing time in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. Nick also revels in the bliss that is Cultic: Chapter One; the "Boomer Shooter" that he has been searching for all year.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Impressions: Scorn
Impressions: Deathverse: Let It Die
Impressions: Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
Impressions: Cultic
News: Square-Enix Drops a New Trailer for Final Fantasy XVI
News: The Future of Silent Hill Revealed
News: Capcom Pulls back the Curtain on Resident Evil 4 Remake
News: Original Bayonetta Voice Actress Calls for Boycott of Bayonetta 3
4Player Minute
and more...

Link Dump:

DuskGolem Twitter Thread - Analyzing the Silent Hill f Trailer

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