Another year. Another Steam Next Fest FULL to the brim with interesting demos for upcoming indie games! Between the five of us, we deliver quick impressions of 15 upcoming games that we think you should keep an eye out for including Cultic, Signalis, Cult of the Lamb, Metal Hellsinger, and more! It's not all demos though. Brad sells us on his latest addiction in the form of Neon White and in the second segment, we discuss the official announcement of Dragons Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Neon White
Cultic (Demo)
Signalis (Demo)
Melatonin (Demo)
Agent 64: Spies Never Die (Demo)
Moonscars (Demo)
Lost In Play (Demo)
Nitro Kid (Demo)
Metal Hellsinger (Demo)
Cult of the Lamb (Demo)
Midnight Fight Express (Demo)
Selaco (Demo)
Nine Sols (Demo)
Anger Foot (Demo)
Trepang 2 (Demo)
News - Dragons Dogma 2 Announced
News - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Announced
and more...

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    9 months ago

    Truly this episode was a love letter to video game podcasts, past, present, and future.

    Anyway on the Dragon’s Dogma II announcement, there was some speculation in the Discord that maybe some games in the Nvidia leak were cancelled, that DD2 might be one of this games. So when the anniversary was winding down, taken up mostly with dev diary stuff (still interesting to listen to) it felt like a dire situation. “Oh god, they got us!” was one thought. But when the zippers went down and the Dragon’s Dogma II shirts were revealed, it was a bit of relief. It’s not much but at least it exists.