After spending quite a while with a meaty JRPG, the Revival Club has shifted it's focus to something quite different. The winner of our most recent poll has put the shooter RPG classic, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat in our sights next. Released in October of 2009, this classic PC shooter combines open-world exploration and modern shooting mechanics with the atmospheric vibe of something like Fallout. If you have ever wondered where the Metro series was born, enjoyed a hit show like Chernobyl, or just enjoy a good combination of science-fiction and modern military shooters (*cough* Half Life *cough*), then this just might be a game worth checking out.

This game in particular isn't the first game in the series but it is widely considered to be the best and for the most part, the most accessible entry to date. It features a surprising amount of depth for what might seem like a pretty straight forward shooter. But perhaps most notably, it is famous for it's incredible weather effects and horrifying storms that loom over the player while out exploring the world. But perhaps most importantly, it is incredibly relevant because the sequel, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, which has long been in some sort of development hell, is finally poised to launch on PC and XBox Series X in the next year or two.

The game is currently on sale for dirt cheap on Steam (through June 7th I believe) and there are a bevy of free mods that can elevate the experience even further (if you join, be sure to poke around the Discord channel and speak with other members to figure out the perfect combination for you). Revival Club members are invited to join us in Discord to share their thoughts and experiences with the game for the foreseeable future! Interested in joining? You can access the Discord room by supporting us on Patreon at the $3+ tier or subscribing to our channel on Twitch! (Just remember to sync your Patreon/Twitch account to Discord)