4Player Podcast #675 - Better than Star Wars (Monster Hunter Rise, Mundaun, Final Fantasy XIV, and More!)

Published by 4Player Podcast on April 5, 2021

This week marks what might be the first major release of the year, 'Monster Hunter Rise.' While we take our first deep dive into this follow-up to Monster Hunter World, that conversation is almost overshadowed by an unexpected analysis of Nick's Letterbox history... Brad and Krispy delivery another Final Fantasy XIV update (including Heavensward) and Nick once again emphasizes the quality of indie-horror gem, Mundaun, which he finished since last week. We also take a brief detour to remember the Xbox 360 launch title, King Kong.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Monster Hunter Rise
Final Fantasy XIV
King Kong
and more...

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    8 months ago

    I liked the part of this episode where Krispy went:


    No one can do an impressively elongated and cathartically beautiful freak out like Krispy can.
    On a side note, I actually got the Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Collector's set, which included a bunch of cool as AF original Fire Emblem-related merch, such as an art book and soundtracks.

    Most importantly though, it included a fake NES cartridge which has inside a code for the first officially translated version of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.
    (the original 1990 game was Japan-only and not officially translated until 2020)

    The point of this fact is that you were able to buy and download the newly translated version standalone until March 31st. On March 31st, Nintendo executed Marth as well, thus erasing from existence this historically significant and digital-only title forever.

    HOWEVER, the code that is included in the 30th Anniversary set is redeemable past this date, as confirmed by Nintendo.

    But, as I mainly bought this set for the dope retro memorabilia and I don't really ever plan to play that old-ass game, I probably will never redeem the code anyway.

    Fuck Nintendo and fuck Nick for giving A New Hope only three stars

  • Avatar
    8 months ago

    I applaud Nick for giving A New Hope three stars. We need to start telling people it's okay to say Star Wars is just okay. Not great, not bad, just fine. But just to irritate the nerds more, please, Nick, edited your score down to two and a half stars.

    But for real, this episode has some really potent discussion about media and how we consume it, the scene of FOMO some feel when they find out that they "missed" content, especially with how Sony is shutting down the PS3/Vita store, which is just another clue how games in general aren't really regarded like art like films are, but more like board games waiting to be taken off the store shelf and forgotten.