We are pleased to announce that the winner of our first Revival Club poll of 2021 (with 41.6% of the votes) and the next game we will be focusing on is Final Fantasy XII. With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XVI and rumors that more news is on the way in the coming month(s), it’s the perfect time to revisit this classic (but often downplayed) entry.

Not only is this game particularly relevant because of the impending Final Fantasy 16 hype train but also because it represents the last time the series (outside of the MMO, calm down 14 nerds) embraced a more serious, politically-charged fantasy style. Seriously, if you haven’t played this game, it’s probably the closest to Games of Thrones the series has ever come. It’s got political assassinations, conspiracies, warring nations, you name it.

So for the first chunk of 2021, we are going to take a deep dive into what makes Final Fantasy 12 tick. I am personally really excited to play this again as I remember very little about it and I think i’ll appreciate the world and the tone a lot more now that I am older. If you are planning to play along, the Zodiac Age version, complete with the new job-class system, is widely available on a bunch of different platforms. In the interest of full disclosure, I realized this was going to win a day ago and have already started playing on the Switch… and it plays great!

Now is the perfect time to join as the game currently available on Xbox Game Pass and a bunch of other platforms! Revival Club members are invited to join us in Discord to share their thoughts and experiences with the game for the foreseeable future! Interested in joining? You can access the Discord room by supporting us on Patreon at the $3+ tier or subscribing to our channel on Twitch! (Just remember to sync your Patreon/Twitch account to Discord)