4Player Podcast #668 - The Blood Pressure Show (Hitman 3, Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil Village, and More!)

Published by 4Player Podcast on Feb. 1, 2021

As the new year starts to kick into gear, David joins us to talk about Hitman 3; a game that continues to deliver unparalleled freedom to the player for better or worse. We also delve into two major demos from Capcom that hit in the past week. Monster Hunter Rise delivers a fun and meaty demo that fails to consider series newbies while Resident Evil Village teases atmosphere and little else.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Hitman 3
Monster Hunter Rise (Demo)
Resident Evil Village (Demo)
and more...

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  • NecroTechno Avatar
    2 months, 1 week ago

    Hey guys,

    Not to reignite the conversation, but I can totally relate to Nick's struggle with Hitman. To be fair, the only Hitman game I have played is Blood Money, but I found the gameplay loop torturous - something about it just *did not* work for me. That said, if you've played some more, Nick, I hope it did click for you!

  • Avatar
    2 months, 1 week ago

    Started playing Hitman 1 again and I really do feel Nick's side of things, it's just that I really like the philosophy behind Nolan fucking around whenever things go sideways. It's honestly made me try out different things and have more fun instead of constantly reloading the game.