4Player Podcast #667 - The 2020 Awards Show

Published by 4Player Podcast on Jan. 19, 2021

The past year has been anything but normal but we press on as usual with our annual awards show. Unlike in years past, we are eliminating runner-ups and honorable mentions in favor of a coordinated effort that eliminates any overlap between our choices. That means more games are honored in each category!

For the sake of accessibility and time, we have split this episode into 5 separate parts. One part will release each day this week at 9:00am CST.

Part 1 Award Categories:

Best New Gameplay Experience
Best Sequel
Best Game Feel
Most Addictive

Part 1 includes a short sample from Brad's favorite soundtrack of the year: Creaks

Part 2 Award Categories:

Best Multiplayer Experience
Best Comfort Food
Most Out of Our Comfort Zone
Best Game Nobody Played

Part 2 includes a short sample from Nolan's favorite soundtrack of the year: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Part 3 Award Categories:

Best Debut
Best Looking Game
Best World / Level Design
Best Storytelling

Part 3 includes a short sample from Kripy's favorite soundtrack of the year: Kentucky Route Zero

Part 4 Award Categories:

Best Ensemble Cast
Best New Character
Best New Enemy Design
Best Boss Fight
Best Video Game Moment

Part 4 includes a short sample from Ed's favorite soundtrack of the year: Ghost of Tsushima

Part 5 Award Categories:

Biggest Surprise
Biggest Disappointment
The Asterisk Award
Biggest Regret
The Number 11 Award

Part 5 includes a short sample from Nick's favorite soundtrack of the year: The Last of Us: Part II

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  • Avatar
    3 months, 2 weeks ago

    The HL:Alyx Jeff boss fight- when you get past him the first time, and then do a thing that cuts power to the area.... when I realized I had to deal with him again, but now in the dark, I allllllllllllllmost turned it off forever. Glad I stuck with it.

  • Avatar
    3 months, 1 week ago

    Really enjoyed this new bite-sized format for the yearly awards.

    And really feel Krispy's choice of people in general for his disappointment for the year. I knew people were dumb and vicious and shortsighted but I never could have guessed that I would be arguing and fighting with family members to NOT GO to parties and get-togethers, just for a little bit. The frustration cannot be understated. I just hope everyone can get out of this safely with their loved ones secure.