Black Lives Matter

Published by 4Player Podcast on June 2, 2020

Out of respect for the family of George Floyd and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, we are postponing this week’s live streams and podcast recordings. We are a small community but one that wants to do what little we can to make a difference at a time like this.

We will reschedule the shows we had planned (Spoilercasts and Revival Club included) but for now, we think the best course of action is to clear a path for more important voices and encourage the community to do whatever possible to help: Listen and amplify black voices on social media, educate yourself about the reality of systemic racism, condemn disinformation and hateful rhetoric, and be good to one another at every opportunity.

If you want to donate financially, these are but a few of the organizations and funds that could use your help providing support for the cause:

We have made a donation ourselves but we also think it is important to do our part by refocusing our voices to support and highlight the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.