4Player Podcast #643 - The Memory Card Lane Show (Mafia 2, Iron Man VR, Silent Hill Rumors, and More!)

Published by 4Player Podcast on May 24, 2020

Thanks to the announcement of the surprise remake, Nick dives head-first into the Mafia trilogy starting with the new "Definitive Edition" of Mafia 2. Additionally, Brad and Nolan soared through the skies in the demo for Iron Man VR and Brad tried out an exciting (and educational) mode in Assassin's Creed Origins. In the news, we discuss the rumors swirling about the return of Silent Hill.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from our Last Episode
Iron Man VR (Demo)
Assassin's Creed Origins (Tour Mode)
Mafia II: Definitive Edition
Silent Hill Rumors
Tencent Picks up System Shock
and more...

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  • NecroTechno Avatar
    4 months, 1 week ago

    This comment is a week late, but the upcoming Harry Potter game was brought up in the last episode along with doubts of its existence. I have a relative who until recently worked for Bloomsbury (the publisher for the HP books) and I wanted to let you know that the project is absolutely real and in a semi-playable state.

  • Avatar
    4 months ago

    I was so fascinated when you guys were talking about the Tour Mode for Assassin's Creed: Origins. Had no idea about that feature and definitely makes me way more interested in playing the game. More games should look into providing similar features like it. Love me some HISTORY and the medium is perfect for it.

    And I feel the same as Nick toward cringe videos. Don't like watching them, just makes me feel sad.