You may have noticed that we are in the midst of one of the biggest news weeks of the year. With E3 just days away, exciting leaks have already sprung (Watch Dogs Legion for instance) and companies have already started teasing some BIG announcements for the conference. As always, we will be doing our best to cover it with podcasts, commentary, and live streams all week long but most importantly, we want to talk to you (YES YOU!).

So here’s the deal. We will have a smaller presence at the show itself (Nick and Chris Davis will be in Los Angeles from Mon-Thurs) but we want to make this the best year yet for community discussion! It’s the week before and there is already so much hype and speculation that it is shaping up to be a potentially insane show. Let's talk about it!

If you are reading this, we invite you to join our Discord and contribute your feedback, questions, hype, disappointment, etc which will then be used to fuel our personal discussions on the podcasts! Of course, we will be talking about all the announcements and the games that we’ll be seeing and playing on the show floor but we want to spend a majority of our time responding directly to you on these shows! If you have a thought about the show that you want to share, simply pop into the #e3-2019 channel in Discord and tag us with @e3feedback! We’ll pull these responses daily and reply to them directly throughout all of our E3 episodes!

Get Involved with E3 via Discord

If you are are not yet a member on our Discord, follow this link and sign up. It’s absolutely FREE and it’s an awesome way to stay in touch with the community and find out about new games, deals, etc! Remember to use the #e3-2019 channel specifically for anything related to the conference. - Join our Discord

Streaming / Coverage Schedule

Sunday, June 9: (Live all afternoon)

  • 2:30pm (CST) - LIVE Commentary of Microsoft
  • 7pm (CST) - LIVE Commentary of Bethesda
  • 8:30pm (CST) - E3 Podcast

Monday, June 10:

  • Time TBD - Nolan Live during the Day
  • 12:30pm (PST) - Live Commentary of Ubisoft
  • 5:30pm (PST) - Live Commentary of Square Enix
  • 7pm (PST) - E3 Podcast

Tuesday, June 11:

  • 8:30am (PST) - Live Commentary of Nintendo Conference
  • 9pm (PST) - Day 1 Stream - Nick & Chris from LA - Live Chat with Community

Wednesday, June 12:

  • 9pm (PST) - Day 2 Stream - Nick & Chris from LA - E3 Podcast (Nintendo + Day 1 & 2)

Thursday, June 13:

  • Show Floor Day 3 + Travel - No stream from LA
  • 8pm (CST) - Brad's E3 Trailer Talk LIVE

Friday, June 14:

  • 7pm (CST) - E3 Wrap Up Podcast from Home (Day 3 + The State of E3)

we are looking forward to covering the big show once again. This time of year is always exciting as it reinvigorates our hype for the coming year(s). We hope to hear from many of you throughout the week as there certainly be a ton to talk about! Join us on Sunday as we kick off our coverage with our commentary of the Microsoft Media Briefing!


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    3 years, 5 months ago


    I've played so few games lately, so it will be awesome to let myself get hype this year for once!

    Hope you have fun, y'all!