4Player Podcast #603 - The SPAAAACE Show (Void Bastards, Observation, Outer Wilds, and More!)

Published by 4Player Podcast on June 8, 2019

It is the week before E3 and with two weeks since our last show, we are absolutely bursting at the seams with exciting game industry news! Everything from the big Death Stranding reveal to the Watch Dogs Legion leak to the surprise announcement of Baldurs Gate 3! Strangely enough, on top of all that, we all ended up playing games set in SPAAAACE! They may all share a common thread but Observation, Void Bastards, and Outer Wilds all offer wildly different experiences.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from our Last Episode
E3 2019 Coverage / Streaming Schedule
Void Bastards
Outer Wilds
Death Stranding Reveal
Baldurs Gate 3 Announced
Google Stadia Reveal and Pricing
and more...

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Check out our E3 2019 Coverage / Streaming Schedule

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    1 year ago

    The only way that Twisted Metal show will be watchable, in my opinion, is if its purposely ridiculous. I hope Sweettooth is literally an alien with a clown-like body and fire for hair. And I hope the show brings in all the classic characters like Axel and Mr. Grimm. I would watch that show. Or at least the first episode.

    I think that latest Death Stranding trailer makes the game look bad honestly. The gameplay moments they chose to showcase were kind of awkward. I was way more into the E3 trailer from last year... And I'm curious how you all feel about this, but it frustrates me how the entire cast of actors basically looks exactly like their real-life selves. I would have preferred some kind of transformation, so it feels like I'm looking at the CHARACTER and not the actor. I feel like Kojima is being very cheeky (as usual) in making sure we are aware of his interest in film actors and film directors.

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