4Player Podcast #601 - The Bath Water Show (A Plague Tale, Hypnospace Outlaw, Pokemon Let's Go, and More!)

Published by 4Player Podcast on May 16, 2019

Where to begin. We talk in depth about two new games that couldn't possibly be more different: A Plague Tale: Innocence has you avoiding The Inquisition and hordes of flesh eating rats in the Middle Ages while Hypnospace Outlaw simulates the 90's internet experience by tasking you with modifying content on the ugliest websites imaginable. In the wake of Detective Pikachu, Krispy was inspired to bust out Pokemon Let's Go and as we close in on E3, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake emerged from the shadows...

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from our Last Episode
A Plague Tale: Innocence
Hypnospace Outlaw
Pokemon: Let's Go
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Emerges Before E3
and more...

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    1 year, 1 month ago

    Sorry for the old topics, but I was on vacation and wanted to mention a couple things.

    First- Kingdom Hearts 3. I played 1 and 2, but skipped the other games. After finishing 3, it got me interested in the stories I missed so I watched cutscenes on Youtube for all of them. Probably over 100 hours (I work from home). I think it was Jan from Giant Bomb who said "I used to think the non-numbered games didn't matter, and now I realize those are the ones that actually matter." I'm not saying do what I did, Nick, but I think you would like the stories.

    Second- Days Gone. I have had zero interest in this game from announcement to near-release, but I Gamefly'd it when I heard people were enjoying it. I'm only about 15 hours in so maybe I won't feel this way for 80 hours, but I am loving it. Taking out 'camps' in stealth is giving me Far Cry 3 vibes, the way enemies patrol (especially the zomb..... er, freakers) is very erratic and unpredictable, the way stealth works on humans and freakers is two different systems, the way the huge groups of freakers move, the day/night differences, stealthing around and getting surprised by traps, playing human enemies and freakers off each other... I don't love Deacon as a human being, but I feel like he is a well-authored character and his line deliveries are great. The audio design is really really good. And the story is driving me forward. It may not be as polished as other Sony first party games, but I am so pleasantly surprised by what I have played so far.

    Sorry this got a little long- feel free to skip reading it on the show, I just wanted to get these thoughts in front of the crew.

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    1 year, 1 month ago

    Krispy just wanted to say my personal favorite Opening for a Star Trek series is Voyager. On top of being in my opinion the most visually capturing scenes of space at the time it also fully encompassed what Star Trek was as a whole. Plus the music was spot on. Might be some bias. I did enjoy Voyager more than DS9. Though TNG is my personal favorite. Can't wait for Picard TV show!

  • ChaiThai Avatar
    1 year, 1 month ago

    Nolan, my girlfriend and I were going to get dinner and she asked if i wanted some mochi desert she heard about so you know what i had to say.

    She almost went off to dinner without me.

    Totally worth it still.