We recently announced our plans to bring back the Revival Club! This little podcast was something we tried a LONG time ago that gave us an opportunity to play and talk about a single game. We recorded 3 episodes featuring Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Jade Empire, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent. It was great to play some of these underrated gems or exciting classics but sadly, we weren't able to maintain it. Luckily, we have found a way to leverage Discord and Patreon to not only bring it back but make it better by getting the community involved!

Going forward, we will feature a new game every couple of months and invite the community at large to play it with us. While everyone is welcome to play along, those who subscribe to us on Twitch or support us on Patreon at the Level 3 Tier or higher can help choose the games we play, foster discussion in an exclusive Discord channel dedicated to the Revival Club, and even submit their questions and feedback which we will use to curate the discussions we have on the bonus podcast at the end of each session. It will be a fun way to expand your gaming horizons, play some underrated gems, or even replay some classics! If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, consider pledging to our Patreon at the Level 3+ tier!

The results from first poll are in and the winner is Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening! This game was originally pitched by Zerby and I'm quite pleased that it won. We are fresh off the heels of Devil May Cry 5 and despite being an excellent game in it's own right, it barely scratches the surface of what made Devil May Cry 3 such a hit when it released in February of 2005!

So here's how this is going to work!

Start Date / Secure the Game- We will officially kick off the Revival Club on April 1st (feel free to start before that if you want but remember that we're going to be playing the game and discussing for at least a month so there's no rush). If you don't already have the game, the best place to look is probably in the HD Collection (which is the Special Edition version that released on the PS2 - It also comes bundled with Devil May Cry 1 & 2) on PS4 or Xbox One. The game is available digitally for $29.99 OR you can order a physical copy on Amazon for $19.99.

Discord Channel - We have officially opened up a dedicated chat room for Devil May Cry 3 discussion in Discord! It will be open and exclusive to Level 3+ Patrons AND Twitch Subscribers for the duration of the play-through. Feel free to discuss and use each other as a resource if you need help.

Bonus Podcast / Curation - Throughout the month, you can get your thoughts and questions out there for us to use on the Bonus Podcast at the end of the session! You can use the comments section of the official thread on Patreon OR you can tag Nick in the discord channel so that we can pin your feedback there. Once it looks like most of us are finishing up or moving on from the game, we will use all this feedback to put together talking points for the Bonus Podcast and then we will move onto the next game!

Remember! There is no pressure to finish any of the games we select but we hope that you have enough fun discovering new games or reliving old classics that you will want to stick with them. If at any time you have feedback or suggestions as to how we can make this more fun or more accessible, feel free to reach out!

If you plan on participating, please let us know in the comments or in the Discord. Happy hunting and we look forward to playing along with everyone!


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