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4Player Podcast #594 - Do Straws have Holes? (Devil May Cry 5, Baba is You, Resident Evil 6, and More!)


As you all know, we answer the important, life altering questions on our show. For instance, this week we debate whether or not straws have holes and I think we came up with a definitive answer. Perhaps more importantly, we talk about Devil May Cry 5 which has proven to be a very divisive game within our group. Brad introduces Baba is You while Nick and Nolan try their best to convey their disappointment in Resident Evil 6 but only manage to make it sound more appealing.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Patreon Update
Feedback from our Last Update
Devil May Cry 5
Baba is You
Resident Evil 6
Google's Impending Gaming Announcement
Microsoft Announces Master Chief Collection on PC
Turtle Rock Studios Announce Back 4 Blood
and more...

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  • Thoraxe 7 months ago

    My co op friend and I have the opposite opinion of Nolan regarding RE Resident Evil 6 and 5.(We loved 6 and hated 5) Six definitely is no perfect game but we accepted for what the game was and had a blast playing it. The story and gameplay became so ridiculous that it became awesome. LEON RIDES A FUCKING ZOMBIE SHARK FOR GOD SAKE! Nick, Nolan I think if you turn your brains off while playing RE 6 you can enjoy this game.

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  • 4thHorseman 7 months ago

    Welp...the way RE6 was described makes me 110% more interested in giving it a try. Im not sure the tone they are going for, but it sounds ridiculously stupid in a good way.

    Also, judging by the podcast name, I had a feeling I knew how that conversation was going to go, and was not disappointed. My thought - a straw has two holes. Yes, its a tunnel, but a tunnel is merely a path between two holes.

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  • XxFuzzyTurdxX 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    This is a little late, but I'd like to thank y'all for speaking so highly of Hollow Knight. I have never really been a fan of metroidvanias at all. I bought Hollow Knight when it was on sale, and I regret it. I should have bought it full price because good lord is it one of the best games I've played nearly 50 hours and am not even close to doing everything. Keep up the great work!

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    • XxFuzzyTurdxX 6 months, 3 weeks ago

      Best games I've ever played.* I wish we could edit comments

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