Submit Your E3 Predictions for our Next Podcast Recording this Thursday Night!

Published by 4Player Podcast on May 9, 2018

We are just over a month away from the biggest show in gaming! You know what that means. A deluge of video game announcements, trailers, and memes are imminent! Of course, as we prepare for our annual trip to sunny LA, the time has come to get ahead of the inevitable leaks by spewing our own E3 predictions into the world! We will announce our plans for coverage in the coming weeks but for now, we hope you will join us for a very special episode of 4Player Podcast...

This week's podcast (recorded this Thursday night at 8PM CST on will be dedicated to our personal predictions, hopes, dreams, etc for the big show! With that said, we also want to hear what you think will happen so be sure to leave your personal thoughts and predictions in the comments below! We will not only be responding to feedback from last week's podcast (there's still time to get that in as well) but we will be assessing each of your predictions for the big show as well!

Have fun with it and don't be afraid to let your speculation run rampant! Will Capcom announce the return of one of it's many beloved, classic franchises? Will Square Enix announce another disappointing entry in the Final Fantasy franchise? Will Konami bother showing their face at all? Trust us, there is a lot to discuss! We hope to see you Thursday night! Cheers!

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  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    I've got a few interesting ones:

    1.) New Splinter Cell title that does not star Micheal Ironside.
    2.) Battlefield V cinematic trailer that plays on BF1942 nostalgia.
    3.) Either Age of Empires 3 OR Rise of Nations gets an HD remaster.
    4.) Horizon: Zero Dawn gets a prequel set during the events preceding Project Zero Dawn.

    and my wildcards:

    5.) Sony announces a new handheld console to compete with the Switch
    6.) Ubisoft unveils a tie-in game series for the upcoming Jack Ryan show. Bonus points if they bring on John Krasinski himself.
    7.) EA is making an open world RPG that isn't Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or Anthem.

  • Mr.GreenToS Avatar
    2 years ago

    Gonna throw out some random predictions that I doubt will happen but still want to see:

    Sony will either push out more PS2 classics onto psn or pull out even more HD remakes.

    Microsoft will announce a price cut to the Xbox One X or they will show off a new Fable game.

    Nintendo will finally put out some gameplay of Metroid Prime 4 and it will look bad or they will do a crossplay game with the switch and phones.

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    My 3 biggest wants from E3 this year are Cyberpunk, Starfield & Ghost of Tsushima. Anything else is gravy, baby.

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    1. Skyrim 2
    2. Mount & Blade Bannerlord release date
    3. Another Death Stranding trailer...or gameplay!?
    4. New game from Rocksteady?
    5. Teaser for a new Fumito Ueda game? (There were some rumblings of a new project, and a teaser image.)
    6. A billion new Platinum Games projects. :V

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    A barbie game
    Tomb Raider
    Little Big Planet
    A fighting game
    A RPG Game

  • ChaiThai Avatar
    2 years ago

    Devil May Cry 5
    Next smash is not a port
    EA has indie darling attempted moment, fails. Chris hates it.
    Dumb switch accessory that never actually gets released/works on one game

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    Elder Scrolls

  • Daniel West Avatar
    Daniel West
    2 years ago

    -Skate 4 from EA
    -CoD Battle Royale
    -The Last of Us Part II live gameplay demo

  • Jager Avatar
    2 years ago

    -Skate 4 from EA
    -CoD Battle Royale
    -The Last of Us Part II live gameplay demo

  • Scaarecrow Avatar
    2 years ago

    - FromSoftware's next project(s).
    - EITR
    - Thomas Happ's next game.
    - Druidstone by Almost Human Grimrock devs

  • Bobguy13 Avatar
    2 years ago

    -Beth is gonna drop some more skyrim re-releases and more ESO shit.
    -At least one major publisher will announce a battle royale game.
    -Bamco is gonna show off some SoulCal stuff? (and hopefully some more Ace Combat stuff).
    -More weird switch stuff
    -FREE SPACE: Embarrassing, out of touch presenters and/or presentations (only reason to watch)

    Wish List:
    Ace Combat
    Level 5
    Relic Age of Empires 4 info

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    I expect a few companies playing catch up and attempt to cash in on Battle Royale multiplayer. EA seems the prime candidate for this. Most likely we will see a few regular game franchises hoping to capitalise on it and I say Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo are the favourites.

    In terms of announcements...DMC5, Elder Scrolls 6 (What are the odds it's just called Skyrim 2?), a new Star Wars game from Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall), RE2 Remake, Bloodborne 2, FFVII trailer plus a release date and perhaps most shocking of all.....

    Forza 5. They will even have an actual car on stage!

  • king_kerry Avatar
    2 years ago

    Nintendo's entire e3 showcase floor will be made out of cardboard.

    Realistically: new Smash, more on Octopath, Mario Tennis, Ware Ware, Pokemon, and possibly more trailers for Metroid or Bayonetta.

    Square: Avengers project, Just Cause 4, FF7:R new trailer, KH3 release date, Tomb Raider

    Devolver Digital: madness

    (from Missouri)

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    For Bethesda:

    New Elder Scrolls game with a release date this year. (Might as well aim high if we're saying new Elder Scrolls)

    DOOM (2016) 2, with hopefully a better name than Doom 2.

    Prey DLC details, expecting it to be set on the moon, probably at a facility similar to Talos One.

    Also I think it's time for a new IP from Bethesda.

    For Ubisoft:

    Skull and Bones release date with a proper gameplay trailer.

    New Splinter Cell WITH Michael Ironside.

    The Division 2 details, this time you will ACTUALLY be able to open and close car doors like they showed in the trailers for the first one.

    Some sort of sports game shit, probably a racing game, maybe Steep 2?

    For Sony:

    I think the big thing here will be From Software's new game is gonna get a proper announcement, and it will be a PS4 exclusive.

    A new Playstation handheld console could be announced, I'm sure Sony wants a piece of them Switch sales in Japan. If so, it will be a device using AMD's new Vega graphics.

    The Last of Us 2 will get a release date and gameplay trailer.

    God of War will get DLC announced.

    For EA:

    New Dragon Age? We can at least dream that series isn't dead.

    Anthem deets.

    New IP's maybe? Not sure what else they got besides the usual like Battlefield.

    For Microsoft:

    Jack, followed by Shit.

  • Avatar
    2 years ago

    F-ZERO AND POWER STONE 3!!!!!!!!!!