Brad Simons' Top 10 Games of 2017

Published by 4Player Podcast on Jan. 30, 2018

Brad kicks off our Game of the Year coverage for 2017 with his personal top 10. He may be on temporary hiatus while he adapts to parental life but that wasn't going to keep him from voicing his choices in what has certainly been one of the best years of gaming in recent memory!

Check back tomorrow for another video featuring the Top 10 of another member of the staff! In the meantime, Brad would love to hear from you about his list so drop us a comment below, reach out in Discord, or shoot him a tweet (@FolderBrad) directly to chat about his choices!


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    2 years, 6 months ago

    At number 3, I could think of 5 games that could be top 2 for Brad and was losing my mind contemplating what he would have cut, games that couldn't even make it to his Top 10 - 3. I was thinking Nier Automata, Wolfenstein 2, Mario Odyssey, where have they gone but in the end I was nevertheless satisfied to know what the top 2 were... Great list... Can't wait to find out how varied other lists will be.