Join Us for a Week of Horror Culminating in the Release of The Evil Within 2 on!

Published by Nick Henderson on Oct. 8, 2017

og:image, Horror Week 2017

Starting tonight on, we will be kicking off a week of Survival Horror in anticipation of the release of The Evil Within 2 on Friday! You can join Nick tonight at 8PM (CST) as he starts Silent Hill 4: The Room, the final game in his series run! Throughout the week, you will see games like Dino Crisis, White Day, and of course, The Evil Within 2 on Friday evening! The lineup for the week is as follows:

  • Sunday @ 8PM (CST) - Nick w/ Silent Hill 4
  • Monday @ 6PM (CST) - Ed w/ Observer
  • Monday @ 8PM (CST) - Nick w/ Dino Crisis
  • Tuesday @ 3PM (CST) - George w/ Darkwood
  • Tuesday @ 8PM (CST) - Nolan w/ White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
  • Wednesday @ 8:30PM (CST) - Krispy w/ The Evil Within
  • Thursday - @8:30PM (CST) - Podcast Recording
  • Friday - @ 7:00PM (CST) - The Evil Within 2

The schedule is subject to change so make sure to check the calendar page for the most up-to-date schedule! You can expect to see additional horror games on the stream throughout the month as well so check back often! We hope you guys enjoy the week and we'll see you tonight!