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Spoilercast - Resident Evil 7 [BONUS PODCAST]


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Resident Evil 7 represents a fresh new take on a beloved franchise and kicks off 2017 in spectacular fashion! In this BONUS Podcast, the restraints come off and Nick, Brad, Chris, and Jager discuss the finer details of the game! We discuss the legacy this game will have on the series, our personal experiences throughout the game, and of course, the future of the franchise.

Resident Evil 7 Spoilercast - [download]

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  • iMacOfDeath 2 years, 11 months ago

    Jesus Christ the audio in this one, ow.

    It's Mia who sends the message, under the influence of Eveline because Eveline had access to Mia's mind and knew about Ethan. You forget there is a computer in the old house where Lucas tried to kill Ethan, and there is a laptop that Mia brings with her.

    The note about turning people does not refer to your typical zombies, it refers to turning them into molded. Remember how Marguerite tries to feed you that shit, well if you had eaten it you either would have turned or died. Something you learn in the Banned Footage DLC.

    Zoe felt like the only choice because Mia is trying to kill you the entire game while Zoe helps you time and time again, even creating the serum you use on Jack to finally kill him. So it is utter and complete bullshit she dies in her route, something I blame on Capcom not being able to figure out how it would play out were she to live through the boat sequence. A section of the game that makes no sense to play through as Zoe, and a section that heads off the salt mines which was just padding before the final boss.

    Resident Evil should not be representative of heavy combat Nick, RE6 and Umbrella Corps were things Capcom wanted to move away from with this entry. Resident Evil is horror survival, not survival combat.

    The Umbrella you see at the end are the Umbrella Co, a mercenary group who recover abandoned bioweapons research from the original Umbrella as well as eliminating troops loyal to rival bioweapon developers. Mia having worked for one of those rival organizations, and Eveline having been one of those bioweapons. The reason they show up at the end is that, if you read the notes, they have been monitoring the Baker ranch since before Ethan's arrival due to word of the escape bioweapon having reached them.

    Also, Capcom has confirmed that this Redfield is in fact the Chris Redfield from the previous RE games. No matter how odd it looks.

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