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Podcast 484 - The Christmas Boy Show (Dead Rising 4, Watch Dogs 2, Let It Die, and More!)


og:image:, Christmas Gift Exchange
, Feedback from our last Episode
, Dead Rising 4
, Watch Dogs 2
, Let It Die
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It's December and we are mere days away from Christmas so we usher in the Christmas spirit by opening the show with our annual gift exchange! Continuing the Christmas Spirit, Chris Davis shares his views on Dead Rising 4; a game that has combined our love for Zombie evisceration with the fun of the holiday festivities! Also, look out for some Watch Dogs 2 and Let It Die Impressions as well! Happy Holidays!

Podcast 484 - [download]

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Christmas Gift Exchange
Feedback from our last Episode
Dead Rising 4
Watch Dogs 2
Let It Die
and more...

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  • PunchDrunk 3 years, 1 month ago

    First of all, thank you Nick for responding on Twitter about me asking to get the podcast up before the 24th, it made my 4 hour drive to my parents a heck of a lot more enjoyable.

    Secondly, I really hope y'all take an honest chance with the Division, if, for anything else, so I can get the chance to backstab you all in the Dark Zone!

    Keep up the great work guys, listening to the podcast weekly has been a highlight of my week since 2008!

    Link /
  • Mr.GreenToS 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if you guys ever accept free codes for games, because last week I had an extra beta code for the Friday the 13th game but no one took my offer. I'd just figure a game like that would of been good for the stream.

    Link /
    • Nick Henderson 3 years, 1 month ago

      How did you contact us? I didn't see it. You may want to use the contact form for things like that because there's no way we'll miss the message.

      Is the code still available?

      Link /
      • Mr.GreenToS 3 years, 1 month ago

        I tweeted at you guys, I even got Rory to tweet at your Official twitter since I got him to get an extra code, I asked during the last podcast stream, and posted in the discord.

        And sorry but the beta was only up for a week, if I do get any more codes like that I'll be sure to find a way to message you guy, and I thought I was too aggressive on trying to contact.

        Link /
  • pioshfd 3 years, 1 month ago

    While timers in games give me a lot of stress, I felt like the timers in Dead Rising 2 did a good job setting a pace for the game; I couldn't just take my time because there were always survivors to find or psychopaths to die to (Seriously, I found some of those to be difficult but interesting encounters).

    Link /