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Podcast 482 - The "Nice Indoor Kids" Show (The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, Let It Die and More!)


og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode
, The Last Guardian
, Final Fantasy XV
, Let It Die
, Video Game Awards Reactions
, Playstation Experience Reactions,

What a time to be alive! Not only do we continue our discussion of Final Fantasy XV (a game that is real and playable), we have actually sunk our teeth into The Last Guardian (Another game that is real and playable in 2016)! Between that and the sudden release of Let It Die, the announcements coming out of the VGAs and PSX, INCLUDING the announcement of The Last of Us: Part 2, there is so much to talk about!

Podcast 482 - [download]

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from Our Last Episode
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy XV
Let It Die
Video Game Awards Reactions
Playstation Experience Reactions
and more...

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  • Vandell 3 years, 1 month ago

    Yo. I'm not crazy for anime, but if you want a show that destroys anime tropes, consider Mob Psycho 100. Just give it a look see at WWW.CRUNCHYROLL.COM


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  • 4thHorseman 3 years, 1 month ago

    I feel like Ive seen some people use the performances between OG PS4 and PS4 Pro as an argument for their fear of iterative consoles. People were worried about the same game seemingly better on one over the other, and the frame rate of TLG is what they bring up. Havent played it or read up on it, so I dont know how accurate these arguments are, but I like to think the development hell makes this a unique circumstance. Or I hope so at least.

    Also, Im guilty of not wanting more Ellie/Joel in The Last of Us sequel. Thought it wrapped up well, and the characters were fantastic. Would have liked to see more of the world with different characters. But...Ill gladly see this through.

    And can we also mention the use of "Part 2" instead of just adding the number 2? I actually dig that choice.

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  • ShodanMAN 3 years, 1 month ago

    Great podcast guys, I particularly enjoyed hearing Brads enthusiasm for 'Let it Die'. I myself have played the game for several hours and have found it to be a real solid and enjoyable experience. I can understand how some people from the outset will see this as just another rogue-like with a pretty simple gameplay loop, but in reality it actually has a great amount of depth in its multitude of systems to make the player want to push forward.

    I can see why Brad drew parallels with this and the 'souls' games as the pacing of the combat and how you approach danger is very similar, just with the added Suda51 wackiness.

    I think the term ''Suda Souls'' should be a thing.

    Link /