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Podcast 481 - The Wireless Grenade Show (Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs 2, Pokemon Moon, and More!)


og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode
, Final Fantasy XV
, Watch Dogs 2
, Pokemon Moon
, Persona 4: Golden
, Dishonored 2,

With only a month left in 2016, we find ourselves in the midst of some of the biggest releases of the year! We devote the first half of this week's show to the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV before moving onto other big games like Watch Dogs 2, Pokemon Moon, and more!

Podcast 481 - [download]

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from Our Last Episode
Final Fantasy XV
Watch Dogs 2
Pokemon Moon
Persona 4: Golden
Dishonored 2
and more...

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  • Hayst 3 years, 1 month ago

    Just a note about the audio; there were a few times when the mics seemed to pick up the audio quite high at first, but then soften later on... don't know if that was noticed by y'all. I haven't seen the cast lately though, so maybe you guys got new mics or something. But, I'm glad to be able to watch the feed again, even if it is in youtube form. And uploaded quite quickly to boot!

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  • PunchDrunk 3 years, 1 month ago

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I second that you all try the Division again....
    My group have recently picked it back up after all of these patches and it is a fun game playing with a group. So yes, I agree with Chris Davis on that. The Division came out at a great time, there wasn't much around it, and if it released then as what it is now, I have a feeling a lot more people would have kept playing it.

    The only problem now is, there are way too many games to play, so even though you should give it another go, it also may be past its time.

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  • Vandell 3 years, 1 month ago

    Yo, can we get Brad some b-12 shots or something so he's not yawning all the time?

    On a more serious note, as someone who hasn't played the recent Final Fantasy, the casting looks like the most boring to date. Is there anything redeeming to these four calander models? How do they compare to other Final Fantasy casts, in your opinion?

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  • SelfTorment 3 years, 1 month ago

    Great podcast guys, just wanted to hear what you guys think of the death stranding trailer.

    It had a tank in it, YOU ALL SAW IT D:

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  • Lil_Corcs 3 years, 1 month ago

    Just a random question but have any of you played the PS2 RPG Lord of the Rings: The Third Age? Holy crap I first played it when I was 13 and it blew my titties off. What RPG blew your teenage titties off? Btw love the podcasts you sexy beasts! (fuck Konami).

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  • pioshfd 3 years, 1 month ago

    After getting around to actually watching Kingsglaive, I'm actually more interested in playing Final Fantasy 15 than before I watched the film. I'm glad that both Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian got solid scores after being in development for so long. Hopefully the next game from each studio doesn't go through so much development trouble.

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  • Alex Quinn 3 years, 1 month ago

    I'm glad Brad brought up the issue with FF15's simple blocking mechanic, in the demo I was also trying to time my blocks with the enemy attacks only to find it futile.

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