Podcast 477 - The Brittany Murphy Show (Playstation VR, Here They Lie, Lakeview Cabin, and More!)

Published by Nick Henderson on Oct. 31, 2016

og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode
, Playstation VR
, Here They Lie
, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
, Lakeview Cabin
, Battlefield 1,

Happy Halloween! Hot off the heels of our 24-hour Horror Game marathon, we discuss our first in-depth experience with the Playstation VR; including impressions of Here They Lie and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood! Brad shares his thoughts on Lakeview Cabin and we examine the evolution of Battlefield now that Battlefield 1 is out in the wild.

Podcast 477 - [download]

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from Our Last Episode
Playstation VR
Here They Lie
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Lakeview Cabin
Battlefield 1
and more...

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  • Avatar
    3 years, 11 months ago

    Playing the RE7 demo in VR made me distinctly aware that I was completely "inhabiting" my player character's body: I raised my own arms and moved my own head inside the game.
    This made me all the more aware that the body I was seeing inside the game was different than my real one.
    I wonder if developpers will truly harness VR to let players inhabit a more varied range of protagonists than we are used to?
    It would be great if the next generation of VR protagonists were not only brown-haired white dudes.

  • SelfTorment Avatar
    3 years, 11 months ago

    Hey guys its me, Self o-o that lame ass tank bro.

    I would like to point out a mistake Kris made when talking about the Harlem Hellfighters. They weren't fighting for the Americans but for the French army, because the U.S didn't want a all black combat unit. So the first mission is French vs. German troops. Just a quick history fact from you're friendly neighborhood tank o-o b

  • Avatar
    3 years, 11 months ago

    I feel like people are feeling a bit more positive on VR than they were on motion controls. A few days ago, I overheard two people talking about how they both picked up Playstation VR consoles and were impressed with the titles that were out so far.

    I haven't had a chance to try it, but hopefully they continue to support virtual reality. Unlike the Kinect or the PS Move, this doesn't look like it would be as gimmicky.