Popcorn Cast - Captain America: Civil War

Published by Nick Henderson on May 9, 2016

og:image:, Captain America: Civil War Film Impressions

We caught the Thursday premiere of Captain America Civil War and... well... we're excited! If you've seen the movie, tune in and prepare yourself for a heavy dose of hype and an informative comparison of the film to it's comic book counterpart!

**SPOILER WARNING: This podcast is intended for people who have already seen Captain America: Civil War**

Captain America: Civil War Popcorn Cast - [download]

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  • Avatar
    4 years ago

    Great Pod. Just to add my two cents director Anthony Ruso did a Pod with Espn Cleveland 'The Really Big Show', where he mentions that the next movie is the culmination of the entire Marvel Universe and we will see some endings and new beginnings which I take as a hint hint to the future of some of our heroes. If anyones interested the pod was on 5/3/16 at the 6:20 mark.

  • Avatar
    4 years ago

    Awesome podcast guys. I'm not a big comic reader so it's always cool to hear Kris' opinions / insights on these movies. And much like Nick, I am also excited for the new Jason Bourne film. Gonna be good.

  • bigbazz Avatar
    4 years ago

    Great popcorn cast. The movie was great...I basically agree with everything you guys said. Iron Man really did hold his own though against bucky and captain america. I look forward to the next popcorn cast.