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Podcast 438 - The Great Undertale Debate


og:image:, Xenoblade Chronicles
Life is Strange
Steamworld Heist
Hideo Kojima's new Studio

It's been a big week! Xenoblade Chronicles continues to consume a sizable portion of the group, Nick delved into Life is Strange, and Steamworld Heist debuts as a worthy contender for Game of the Year considerations. Of course, the releae of Star Wars and Hideo Kojima's new studio has us all excited to see what the future holds.

Podcast 438 - [download]


Xenoblade Chronicles
Life is Strange
Steamworld Heist
Hideo Kojima's new Studio

and more...

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  • Vandell 4 years, 2 months ago

    The only issue with Undertale is the fandom itself. If you play this game publicly, you get crucified for not doing things the "correct way". The best way to enjoy this game is by playing it however the fuck you like, and then peeling away the strange, enigmatic onion that is this game as time goes on. Because there's a lot to it on the surface and underneath it to enjoy.

    But when you have people screaming bloody murder at you for "killing goat mom" or taking Undyne down, things can feel goddamn frustrating.

    The grief of these "super fans" is sometimes genuine. You grow attached to these characters the more you play them game, because things change in subtle ways and layers get pulled away. But goddamn are they annoying to deal with.

    Link /