What are You Playing this Weekend?

Published by Nick Henderson on July 10, 2015

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We've reached another sweet sweet weekend and despite being in the midst of a summer lull, there is still plenty of games goin around to play or catch up on! if you are anything like us, you'll be scrambling to catch up on some of the great games that have already made their debut in 2015! Batman? Witcher? Splatoon?! Here's what we are playin but tell us what's keeping you busy in the comments below!

Here is what the 4Player crew is playing this weekend:

"After re-installing windows, I hope and pray that my Streaming woes are over. I'll be taking another stab at Amnesia: The Dark Descent tonight starting at 9PM (CST)! Outside of that, i'll be finishing up Batman Arkham Knight which is still ranking high as one of my biggest surprises of the year!" -- Nick
"I finished Code Name STEAM finally. And with Batman almost wrapped up, and me waiting for that Witcher patch, I might actually dive into something new. That or Pillars. Yep, I know you forgot too. On handhelds, I'm thinking Majora's or Star Fox 64. Help me decide!" -- Brad
"This weekend is, unfortunately, all about work. The subject though is exciting: GODZILLA! I’ll be recording several new Let’s Play episodes while working on a few items to prepare for my review of the game. Don’t expect me to play anything else come next week!" -- Chris
"I've finished the main quest and most of the side quests on Batman. Still working on cleaning up Riddler trophies and challenges. And I'll definitely be playing a bunch of Rocket League. It's probably the best free game PS+ has ever had. Or its just the best game ever. Not sure yet. I'll have to play some more to figure it out." -- Krispy
"This weekend I will be playing real life Tetris as I load boxes into trucks and move to a new house. I will obviously be unpacking my PC first and I hope to get in some good quality time with my friend Batman. " -- Nolan
"Lots of Witcher 3 for me this weekend. Sounds like I'm the only one who hasn't been bitten by the Batman bug. And who knows, maybe I'll dive into the rest of my Steam library a bit." -- Ed


  • Avatar
    5 years ago

    As someone who recently had to move a ton of boxes, I wish Nolan good luck. I didn't realize Brad never got to finish Pillars. :O Also good luck to Nick.

    I'm still playing the same things. :|

  • Jager Avatar
    4 years, 12 months ago

    Bouncing between Guilty Gear Xrd and Factions this weekend hopefully.

    I have zero interest to 100% Batman thanks to all those tank sequences I have yet to finish that are tied to the mines through-out the world.

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    4 years, 12 months ago

    Between working Saturday, and spending most of Sunday outside of the house, I've only played some Gmod TTT... What a wasted weekend. D: