E3 Week Starts Now with Daily Coverage, a Website Upgrade, and Community Meetup!

Published by 4Player Podcast on June 14, 2015

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E3 is finally upon us and as I write this, we are on an airplane debating the meaning of the term "Holla Back Girl." Brad busted out his Lumines player and Chris Davis is playing one of those ridiculous 'tap the screen' mobile games. I bet he can't wait for Konami's new mobile initiative.

E3 Fesitivities

This evening , we will be streaming out our recorded footage for the day and discussing all that transpired at the highly anticipated Bethesda press conference. Will Dishonored 2 be announced (LOL)? Will Fallout 4 be out this year? Will Doom 4 suck? Regardless, there should be plenty to discuss this evening so tune in. We'll be bringing our impressions and footage to you every night this week and we'll be live tweeting the event all week using the #4PNE3 hashtag so be sure to include it when discussing E3! During the day, we'll be hosting the Twitch E3 coverage on our channel until we go live so it should be a one stop this week.

Website Version 2.0 is Live!

As you may have noticed, we have also launched a slew of new updates to 4PlayerNetwork.com which will make community interaction and participation during the podcasts much better going forward. Official forum threads for specific games will be featured and combed for talking points during the podcast each week so take advantage! I would also recommend tuning into the homepage tonight while we're live to check out a cool new feature! ;)

Community Meetup on Wednesday, June 17th in Los Angeles

E3 is a major industry event but we know we have some listeners in the Los Angeles area that might wanna come out, eat some grub, and talk about Games! We'll be hosting our annual E3 meetup at 7PM (PST) at Philippe's on Wednesday, June 17th! Come join us for a casual meal and some good company! These meetups are historically smaller than our PAX meetups so we don't anticipate being there for much longer than an hour. If you have any questions, post a comment below and we hope to see some of you there! We hope you guys are as excited as we are! Happy E3 and we hope you'll join us every day on 4PP.tv!


  • Big Wazu Avatar
    Big Wazu
    5 years ago

    This week is going to be so good. I look forward to your coverage! Also, the updated site looks great!