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'Alien Isolation' Took Home a Lot of Accolades at E3... and Rightfully So

That is how you make a trailer! Fresh off of E3, The Creative Assembly have unleashed another shiny new trailer for their upcoming horror game, Alien Isolation. The trailer is actually the exact same trailer that they used to close out their campaign demonstrations on the show floor but it is now front loaded with all of the E3 Accolades that they brought home, ours included.

We played the game at the show and saw a nice little slice of the campaign and walked away thoroughly impressed. The game captures the tension and terror of the original film perfectly and the little details that are original to the game seem to fit perfectly within the universe (the creepy humanoid androids come to mind). Not only does the game remain true to the source material, the single player campaign looks to be super cinematic without having to pull players completely out of the exerience during scripted sequences; a style that has become super popular in recent years thanks to the likes of Call of Duty, Dead Space, Far Cry, and many more.

I also feel like I haven't stressed enough how gorgeous the game looks. It's absolutely stunning and the trailer suggests that the game will have some pretty decent voice acting to boot. The last thing I want in a game like this is being totally distracted by poor acting. I am trying to remain cautious in my optimism but it becomes harder and harder with each new scrap of information. The series may have had a poor track record up to this point but that doesn't mean that a Studio with a true reverance for the original material can't swoop in and save the day. Just look at what Rocksteady did for Batman games.

Alien Isolation will release on October 7th, 2014 across most major platforms (PS4 / Xbox One / PC / PS3 / Xbox 360)


  • Big Wazu 5 years, 6 months ago

    It's awesome to see the 4Player name in the beginning of the video. This game does look great and I can't wait to pick it up as I love Alien and this looks like it'll deliver.

    Link /
  • overlordbaal 5 years, 6 months ago

    Hopefully this game can wash away the bitter taste of colonial marines. It's really cool to see 4player listed at the beginning of the trailer though.

    Link /