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Stream Journal: C-C-C-Combo Breakers!!


og:image, Stream Journal, Killer Instinct, Xbox One

It's the "rush" of close matches - your heart-rate racing to the speed of a low punch - that makes me love fighters so much. The agonizing pain of realizing you’re only as good as your next opponent. The clammy hands and sweaty forehead.

The C-C-C-Combo BREAKERS!!!

I've been playing Killer Instinct on the feed this past week, and have come to the conclusion that I have NO problem being the fighter-guru around these parts. While I'm no 'n00b' to fighters: I'm also no Daigo. But that doesn't mean we haven't had some exhilarating fights to watch over at 4PP.TV, either. I'm learning - slowly, with what time I have - and thanks to the enjoyment expressed by our viewers, am excited to continue to play more KI. It's an excuse to keep on practicing.

See, the time it takes to be a pro is exhausting. It's the kind of time I can't dedicate to a fighter; especially being a freelance writer in games, full-time dad, and construction worker. But I'll get as good as I can, and will have fun getting there, regardless. That's the beauty of the genre; every loss is both a personal test and learning experience. Beating my opponent means managing my reactions, keeping calm and composed, punishing with solid combos, closing on those opportunities, and not making foolish mistakes; all of which are not easily accomplished tasks.

The best fighters are balanced/fair with their mechanics, and its end-all rests on the player. You lose because YOU made the mistakes or couldn't muster up the know-how to counter your opponent’s strategies. You - the player - are to blame for defeat. Winning means being a better fighter. Being better fighter means learning from your mistakes and practicing, practicing, practicing.

No excuses.

I also am ashamed I didn't place Killer Instinct in my Top 10 for 2013. It's a great fighter, and has been a staple in my gaming-repertoire since I purchased my 'One.' It's approachable enough to entertain the novice while never giving up its complexities. I'm also a huge fan of the Combo/Breaking system, and how it lends itself to such "win-shifting" moments. When I boot the game I struggle to turn it off, I'm so engaged.


It should have been on my Top 10.

[Next time the internet-winds howl the name Killer Instinct, over on our feed, stop by; even if you're not a fan of fighters. You may be surprised of how much fun these fighters are to watch.

Thanks to everyone who have enjoyed my KI streams. There are plenty more to come.]


  • Big Wazu 6 years ago

    While these kinds of fighting games are not my favorite, I do like to play them from time to time even if I do suck. I do enjoy watching you play Killer Instinct, Jeff. As a matter of fact, a friend and I were watching you play and got real into it, watching you still kick ass even when your health was really low. Even as viewers we can get that kind of "rush" which is awesome.

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  • SelfTorment 6 years ago

    Awesome I always enjoy watching fighting games and I'm glad Jeff gave this game more cast time. I enjoyed playing it at my friends play and Sadira is still my main. I look forward to seeing more KI cast with Jeff. :3

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  • Liam du Preez 6 years ago

    Good Job! I like this!

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  • jeffrey 6 years ago

    The only fighter I was really good at was Naruto 4 on the gamecube(a japanese import). I'm not bad or good at fighters, but I do enjoy a good match. Hope to see more.

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  • grenouille 6 years ago

    Definitely would like to see more of these 'stream journals.' Very interesting!

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  • Diamond_Eyez 6 years ago

    I have KI as well and really enjoy watching you stream it. I only wish my 360 ($150.00) fight stick worked on my XBOX One. It keeps me from wanting to play it much, sux. Good article enjoyed it!

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  • Jeffrey Demelo 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Toast 6 years ago

    The site needs more fighting games on the feed. Bring in all the MLGPRO viewers and it's only a matter of time before Jeff goes to EVO.

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