E3 2013: Here Comes Halo 5

Published by Soha E. on June 10, 2013

It wouldn't be E3 without a Halo announcement at the Microsoft press conference, right? This year they definitely fulfilled that requirement by announcing Halo 5 with the above trailer. The trailer depicts Master Chief walking through a deserted terrain and there are no details confirmed about whether or not the poncho will be unlockable in-game. For the first time in theseries, Halo 5 will be running on 60 fps and a new engine to enhance the players' experience.

Are you looking forward to Halo 5?

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  • SelfTorment Avatar
    7 years ago

    I bet the poncho will be in the single player and be unlockable in MP. Poncho proves you are MLG :B

  • SuaveZombie Avatar
    7 years ago

    I can enjoy another Halo game if I ever get an Xbox One but...why the tattered rags over his armor? They must be some pretty awesome rags to offer more protection than his high tech armor.

  • Avatar
    7 years ago

    what?? i dont get it at all... is the chip he's holding Cortana and is he looking for her remnants cause the didact come back and wants to use her? or is it just a memorable moment and a giant forerunner gaurdian pops up? whats with the rags? (wasnt he getting an armor change at the end of 4 cause his DNA was advanced by the librarian so therefore he gets armor that can compliment how much hes advanced) this trailer made no sense to me but gave me goosbumps when he pulled the necklace.. I CANT FUCKING WAIT!!

  • theottomatic91 Avatar
    7 years ago

    Why is he wearing a robe if he already has a robotic suit? Seriously though I did enjoy 4 (not as much as ODST and Reach) but I doubt I would get this game due new console price.

  • Kdbattletoad Avatar
    7 years ago

    Why would he need a poncho, other then for the point to keep the viewers in suspense...