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The Weekly: Warballoon's Star Command


New games every week; every week new, sweet, entertaining, brain-rotting video games. So many in fact, that we often forget those "gems" behind during our end-year deliberations. Not anymore. Each week, I'll be highlighting my favorite game released; this way: the commenters have a target to flame, I have some notes for end-year headaches, and we all have fun!

Star Command may seem like a FTL-clone at first glance, and while it’s a space-sim/ship-management game, that comparison falls victim to the blast of phasers thereafter. SC’s pacing lends itself to much more methodical micro-management of units. It also throws away the dependency of luck - through invisible ‘dice-rolls’ – and replaces it with the dependency of player skill to land attacks during ship combat.

Combat situations in Star Command quickly become panic-inducing; leaving the player scrabbling to manage their ship’s staff, as well as avoid the hazards of hull fires and breaches – all while never losing focus of landing their attacks, or keeping their shields up and running.

If you’ve got an iOS device and can’t wait for Star Command to land on PC – or would rather have it as a portable/couch-comfortable experience – drop the $2.99 for this joint.

Till next Weekly…


  • Breakspeed 6 years, 8 months ago

    It looks interesting (and challenging) but for the next few weeks I'm on a pretty tight budget... I'm going to probably hold out for the Android version and check it out as a mobile game. Thanks for the insight Jeff - always interesting and barely covered titles showing up here.

    Link /
  • Lee-man54 6 years, 8 months ago

    Well I liked FTL so I reckon I might pick this up if it's on PC. I watched you play it on the feed and it looked like you were under constant pressure from the AI. Just one question. Can you get different ships?

    Link /