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Does Microsoft Represent You?


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I understand perfectly how so many people are upset, angry, or amused by the introduction of the Xbox One. I'm somewhere in that spectrum of feelings. My frustration comes from another source.

When Microsoft felt like getting down to the gaming aspect, their audience has been slimmed down to an insultingly small group. Emphasis on sports gaming, fantasy football, racing games, and announcing that future Call of Duty games will be released faster to Xbox One users suggests they're hitting the nail on the head and giving gamers what they really, really want.  

This isn't to say that there are fans who don't deserve to play the above games. What it says is that every negative stereotype about gamers is considered true by Microsoft. To make their product most appealing, they've shown off FIFA, Forza and Call of Duty first and in detail. They're pointing out that these are the games they're proudest to show off, what they put first in their line-up, these are the ones that everyone has been holding out for.

This attitude of the marketing that Microsoft is rolling out is shoved into the face of what they think gamers are, assuming there is this primitive way of thinking and playing games: "Gun good! Make loud noise! He fall over!"

It is idiocy like this that people and certain members of the media associate with gamers; a young teenage male who enjoys 'violent' FPS games or competitive sports games, and still living in their mother's basement.

This is reinforcing another idea that people outside of the gaming community think every gamer is susceptible to and responsible for crimes or acts of extreme violence. This says nothing for people who are working hard and dominating the leaderboards in FIFA, nothing for those who are wrapping their brains around Quantum Conundrum. Children playing Minecraft in elementary schools are apparently at a higher risk for violent behavior because they were introduced to creepers at such a young age.

Microsoft thinks it is okay for the Kinect to be able to collect data without notifying you. To have us accept that 'always on' is a possibility, saying quietly that they are gathering information through voice and video services. To force their customers to be punished for buying used copies of games. To assume that every customer has a steady, reliable internet connection, no matter where you live. That all gamers are lucky enough to have the cash to pay for this all.

They are operating under the assumption that we are going to be good little sheep and buy their product while ridiculous, unnecessary fees are forced on us because they are afraid of losing money. This is the exact way that you lose customers. This is why people pirate games and don't have a shred of remorse for doing so.

If Microsoft continues like this, will the recent Xbox One reveal signify the end of gaming as we know it?


  • AdjacentKitten 6 years, 9 months ago

    Honestly, I think Microsoft is looking at gaming the same way they are now with the Xbox 360; if their system can play the games and download whatever content developers offer afterwards, then that's enough.

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  • Toast 6 years, 9 months ago

    I've never considered myself a mainstream or hardcore gamer, so seeing the Xbox ONE reveal really hasn't piqued my interest in buying it. It feels more like a social media platform first and a gaming console second, unlike the PS4. At least there will be games I want to play on the PS4, so I don't think it will kill gaming in general so long as there's at least one good console people will flock to.

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  • Golem100 6 years, 9 months ago

    "What it says is that every negative stereotype about gamers is considered true by Microsoft. To make their product most appealing, they've shown off FIFA, Forza and Call of Duty first and in detail."

    Actually what it says is that Microsoft are well aware of what the biggest sellers are and the bottom line for a company like Microsoft is profit. In as much as they consider stereotypes at all they do more than enough damage to themselves and gamers in other ways. That lineup is just a cold market based calculation based on what games will best sell more consoles from sales data.

    The ablity to turn off Kinect is complicated by the fact that Microsoft has likely tailored every single aspect of it's new user and live interface (all three of them?? lol) to work in conjuntion with it, rather than any conspiracy theory about big brother watching you. Will they collect as much data about patterns of use from their consumers as possible? You bet they will as will Sony and indeed the likes of Nintendo or even Steam. What they use it for is more problematic since everyone accepts feedback can help improve games and systems but that selling or passing on data to third parties is not so defensible.

    Used/rental games worrying you? It worries me but until I hear Microsoft's AND Sony's detailed plans we simply don't know what's going to happen.

    "They are operating under the assumption that we are going to be good little sheep and buy their product while ridiculous, unnecessary fees are forced on us because they are afraid of losing money."

    It's not just the Microsoft and Sony reveals that will decide who buys which console it's the services they already provide. On that front Microsoft IS pushing their luck with Xbox Live and Gold membership as more and more people are far from happy from the service it provides including myself. That I want to play some games online like Dark Souls doesn't make me a sheep but it sure does piss me off and is making me think long and hard about moving to the PS4.

    Smaller indie devolpers have been courted assiduously by Sony whereas by most accounts Microsoft's attitude to them (apart from a few favoured Devs) is lamentable. That's where you should direct you ire in respect to why innovation on the xbox one might be sadly very lacking.

    Here's the thing though, it's not Sony or Microsoft where most innovation is to be found right now, it's on PC. The amount of small indie games being nurtured by Steam other patforms and the likes of kickstart is far greater than the consoles can manage. Yet where is piracy most rife? On the PC.

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  • dumon 6 years, 9 months ago

    I'm going to disagree with your attitude on Forza. Microsoft is trying to cash-in on the success of Sony's Gran Turismo, which is consistently one of Playstation's most successful and critically acclaimed franchises, and they're doing a really good job. The guys at Polyphony could actually learn a thing or two from Turn 10.

    In all honestly, I think Forza is Xbox's greatest exclusive, though I may be a bit biased. Car guys gonna car guy.

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  • HurlockHolmes 6 years, 9 months ago

    This have been the greatest console reveal of all time.

    My sides have been so thoroughly blown apart, that I had to get iron lungs.

    It is so great, that Sony and Nintendo fans alike, are laughing with each other at the "XBone".

    This is gonna be one hell of a E3 alright.

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  • Chrissaviour 6 years, 9 months ago

    The marketing of Microsoft is just trying to gain the biggest markets on consoles in video games and they are Call of Duty, sports, and car games since they have a very large user base and those games can help sell consoles. Sony is trying to do the same, but they have done their marketing homework differently on how to sell many consoles.

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  • nejithemaster 6 years, 9 months ago

    I feel as though Microsoft is trying to market the games that will sell the console and if that included halo, dead space, and minecraft then that's what we would have seen. Yes i believe Microsoft did make a lot of mistakes, but they haven't completely pushed "the true gamers aside." They just figure, why talk about the gamers want now and wait until E3. We all know its a gaming console. What's wrong with them aiming for a different consumer group with the one they already have.

    Sony and Nintendo did the same before. Besides, having games isn't the problem, they can fix that. Its things like the always online, or the added fees that we should worry about.

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