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4Player Weekly News Wrapup for 1/20/12

Yes, friends, the WNW is back!  It's been absent these past few weeks as there hadn't been much news to come by.  This week has been decidedly a busy one with the SOPA/PIPA protests, Resident Evil 6's announcement and so much more.

As I've said previously, I'll try and do a WNW every week but don't be surprised if a Friday goes by without one.

What We Covered

4Player Podcast 2011 game of the year shows: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Cocktail Time 2011 game of the year shows: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Jack lists his top ten games of 2011

THQ was rumored to have cancelled their 2014 line-up, which was proven false

Max Payne 3 was delayed until May

A Syndicate demo will arrive later this month

The Darkness II's demo is available now

The first ten minutes of Never Dead

An Ong-Bak game is coming

Evidence supporting Resident Evil 6's pending announcement on Wednesday

A Max Payne 3 developer trailer was released to keep the fans at bay

Nick wants you to know about Gravity Rush

A My Little Pony mod for Skyrim was created

Joseph questioned the merits of Shank 2

Bioshock Infinite is receiving a "hardcore mode"

Resident Evil 6 was officially announced

What You Should Know About

    • Mass Effect 3 will receive a demo on February 14th, just in time to help ruin your relationship with your significant other.  Take note however: the PC version of the game will be Origin only.
    • Kid Icarus: Uprising will come with a stand for your 3DS.  As if you didn't need one more stupid accessory for your handheld.
    • A new piece of downloadable content for Dead Island will arrive on January 31st.  Too little, too late in my opinion.
    • Ubisoft's DRM software/malware now blocks out computers that have had parts changed out.  Think twice about loading up that copy of Anno 2070 after putting in that new graphics card.
    • Netherrealm Studios is porting Mortal Kombat to the PS Vita.  This port will include a second challenge tower.
    • New characters have been revealed for Street Fighter X Tekken and they're pretty much ones you'd expect to be in the game: Juri, Vega, Balrog, Paul, Law and Xiaoyu.
    • For those who want to know just why fans were upset about the new game you are in luck: Syndicate was just released on Good Old Games.
    • Hudson Games will be officially closing its doors on March 1st.
    • A demo of Resident Evil Revelations was dropped on the 3DS eShop yesterday.  Check it out but beware: you can only play the demo 30 times before it blocks you out.
    • Diablo III may be delayed... again.  Blizzard says it is changing up some of the in-game systems.
    • Bethesda says that the 1.4 update for Skyrim is being finalized and should be available in a week or so.  The update will include the Creation Kit for the PC and a number of universal bug fixes.  You can read the full update list here.


  • pioshfd 7 years, 7 months ago

    This is the first I'm hearing about Mass Effect 3 being Origin-only. Can't say I'm surprised but I'm definitely disappointed. Along with this Ubisoft DRM thing... Ubisoft, EA.... :|

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  • Bloodgatts 7 years, 7 months ago

    Just want to say I love these Weekly News Wrap ups. Having all the latest news summarized neatly in one convenient post is really nice. Especially when I don't have the time to check the site everyday.

    Link /
  • lemith 7 years, 7 months ago


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