Pass or Play: Anime Week

Published by David Liao on Dec. 14, 2011

On sale this week via XBLA are a set of "Anime-Inspired" Games. While I'm not really sure how Anime Inspired these games are but I was excited to see certain games up for sale.

Radiant Silvergun

When Radiant Silvergun was announce for XBLA, I was super excited. The Saturn Japan  only release had always been on my games to own collection list. But when it came out at 15 dollars, I talked myself out of buying it.

Not because it's not worth it. Logistically, it's a steal. If you look at eBay the damn import still sits around a couple hundred bucks and that's if you have a way to play Japanese Saturn games.

But for me, I knew I'd buy the game, play the first couple levels and then be done with it. I'm not at a point where I want to invest hours replaying levels over and over to progress through memorization. So at the time, it wasn't worth the full price.

This week at half price, I finally bought the game. You should too.

Hard Corps: Uprising

Again, Hard Corps was a game I passed on initially because I knew a lot of the gameplay would be spent replaying levels and learning the patterns.

The game also played pretty slow and the xbox controller can be a bit cumbersome.

Initially the co-op drew interest but with online, I saw a lot of instability, which quickly dashed any of my hopes.

But for 7.50, I totally fine owning this game for the possibility of playing it in the future.

Who knows when?

Bangai-O HD

I'm really up in the air about this one so maybe you guys can help me out.

I bought the original DS release interested in it's fast paced mayhem. I played it and had problems with seeing what was going on. Also the controls frustrated me a bit.

I felt a lot of times, I wasn't really understanding how I passed levels and just that a lot of things were blowing up. At five bucks, I feel that I should just pick this up just to give it a second try.

I've played this at PAX last year and remember not liking the extremely busy visuals.

What do you think?


There's no way I should pick this game up right? I mean it looks ridiculous. I didn't even know what kind of game it was. After looking at the screen shots, it looks to be a basic top down shooter but with land characters.

Also it's developed by CAVE which I don't know if it's a good thing.

On the one hand, they make a lot of difficult shooters. I'm not interested in playing more of that stuff.

On the other hand, they made Nin-2 Jump which is one of my favorite games from this year.

Could this be something different enough to be good?

Have any of you played this?


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    8 years, 7 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of Bangai-O, I'm just not sure that it's your type of game David. All these games, aside from Hard Corps, rely on light-speed reflexes, decision making, and a lot of memorization. That is what makes these games so fun though. Fuck it, get em all!

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    8 years, 7 months ago

    I honestly can't suggest anything, not into these types of games and this style in general, good luck though

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    8 years, 6 months ago

    Eh, not really into these type of games but I may pick up Radiant Silvergun