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A video game podcast? A video game live stream? An online gaming community? The answer is all three. 4Player is an opinion-based video game website and weekly podcast whose main purpose is to foster fun and (hopefully) insightful discussions amongst our enthusiast staff and within the 4Player community about the video games we love, the video games we hate, and everything in between.

We got our start in 2008 when four friends in Texas decided to try and make something of their shared passion and enthusiasm for gaming. Brad Simons, David Liao, Nick Henderson, and Travis Granger eventually got a small podcast off the ground but struggled for some time to find a means of distribution and an audience to share it with. It wasn’t until we discovered Justin.TV (now known as Twitch.tv) that we were able to find that audience and give this project wings. Since that turning point, we have recorded over 600 podcasts, achieved our dreams of covering E3 year after year, and met tons of wonderful people with whom we love to share it all with on a weekly basis!

This industry is full of wonderful content creators, some of whom we have been lucky enough to cross paths with over the years. We feel that 4Player stands out because of our shared commitment to the cause while continuing to work full-time jobs and even starting families. We are friends before we are colleagues and we feel that brings something special to the table each week. We take a “for Gamers, by Gamers” approach to everything that we do. Because of this, you will never see us throw a bunch of screenshots at you for clicks or re-print the latest Press Release to you verbatim. We have something to say and we aim to bring context, background, and insight to every conversation and we are proud to say that our weekly podcast has become the best outlet for us to achieve that goal.

Our flagship, award-winning podcast, cleverly titled “4Player Podcast,” has been going strong for over a decade and now reaches a bigger audience than ever thanks to platforms like iTunes and Spotify (Subscribe). The success of the show and the dedication of our beloved community has inspired us to expand our podcast offerings and organize periodic live events such as Project M and themed months that showcase games that we feel are worth your time and money!

A mere two years after finding our voice, we found ourselves traveling to cover the biggest events in the industry such as E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo); a dream come true and a privilege we strive to maintain year-after-year. In the years that followed, staff has come and staff has gone. New voices have been added and we have always done our best to involve our devoted community in almost everything we do. we are gamers first, and 4Player does what it does for the player. Hence the name.