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Improved Patreon Tiers Bring Back the Revival Club and More!
Since we launched our Patreon campaign at the beginning of 2015, we have been blown away by the support shown by the community! With that said, the appeal of Patreon has always been the fluidity of... [Read More]

Join Us this Weekend for a Rainbow Six Siege Beta Code Giveaway and Community Night!
Join Nick, Chris, and Ed on Saturday for a night of Rainbow Six Vegas (Terrorist Hunt) and you could even snag yourself a beta code for Rainbow Six Siege! That means you will be officially able to ... [Read More]

Video Review: Batman: Arkham Knight
In late June, Rocksteady released their final entry in the Arkham series and we played the hell out of it. We couldn't decide on who should do the review though and from that debate was birthed an... [Read More]

What are You Playing this Weekend?
We've reached another sweet sweet weekend and despite being in the midst of a summer lull, there is still plenty of games goin around to play or catch up on! if you are anything like us, you'll be ... [Read More]

P.T. Lives On in Allison Road... But Silent Hills is Still Dead
Just as fast as Konami made the devestatingly bad decision to scrap their highly anticipated Silent Hills project, a small indie studio made up of rabid fans swooped in with the intent of keeping t... [Read More]

Weekend! What are You Playing?
Hey everyone! Now that E3 is behind us and we've pretty much got the new website working the way we want it, we can get back in the habit of these weekend posts! We want to know what everyone is sp... [Read More]

E3 is Over... What Will You Play Now?
E3 2015 is behind us and like many of you, we were pretty impressed by the show this year. It managed to surprise and awe a lot of us despite the deluge of leaks just prior to the show. Even the th... [Read More]

E3 Week Starts Now with Daily Coverage, a Website Upgrade, and Community Meetup!
E3 is finally upon us and as I write this, we are on an airplane debating the meaning of the term "Holla Back Girl." Brad busted out his Lumines player and Chris Davis is playing one of those ridic... [Read More]

Patron Week Day 6: Enjoy These New Top 5 Videos!
Patron Week's end is fast approaching as we march into the weekend as E3 2015 begins.  Today we bring you our E3 Top 5 videos starring Nick, Brad and Chris as they share their thoughts about their ... [Read More]

Patron Week Day 2: A Sneak Peek at Our Let's Play Series!
You guys are great, have we ever told you that? [Read More]