Subscriber News Roundup for January 2014

By Nolan Hedstrom on January 9th, 2014 (2 comments)

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Hey everyone. Subscriber Night went awesome! There was some sweet moves in Rumble Roses XX! Nolan and Krispy both failed at I Wanna be the Guy. There were no issues what so ever with  Resistance 2 Co-op. (That co-op was pretty sweet though, Nolan was the best Medic) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was a lot of fun especially when Krispy freaked out! Since Itsrooster didn't give us a game, Brad and Krispy played some Obscure: The Aftermath.

Our new Subscriber of the Month for January is nlh289210, and the game he chose for us to play this month is Final Fantasy XII

The following 5 subscribers have been selected to choose the games we play on this month's Subscriber Night:

  • lazypixel
  • moosefart
  • xxeric1993xx
  • whitegshepherd
  • sriracha_donut

If you have been chosen, please email Nolan ( a list of any three games (in order of which you want to see most) you would like to see us play for 1 hour on this month's Subscriber Night. 

Top 5 Video Update

Unfortunately, end of the year videos, like our Top 10 videos (which you can find here for George, Carlos, and Jeff) have really put us behind on our Top 5 videos. And for that, we do apologize. We will have a new Top 5 video by the end of the month and will be back on track to produce 2 videos per month starting February.

Your Way Bradturday is Tomorrow

There is less than 24 hours to vote for what Brad plays tomorrow for Your Way Bradturday. You can find a link to the poll here. Brad is also going to be playing games all day starting at 10 am CST at so tune in to see what he plays.

About Subscribing

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  • Jager 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    It was great to see the guys playing IWBTG, would love to see them try out Boshy in the future!

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  • theottomatic91 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Nice to see this event went smoothly. I had no idea Rumble Roses could be so much fun I always waved it off as Itagakis version of wrestling.

    Link / Reply

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