Thai Dev Studio, "Hive", Working on an Ong-Bak Game

By Chris Davis on January 17th, 2012 (13 comments)


Asian action cinema and video games practically go hand in hand.  It is unfortunate however that you really don't come across good games based on them.  Sure, you get a standout title like Stranglehold every now and then but it's rare to find a title that lives and breathes kung fu.  Studio Hive, a Thailand-based developer, is looking to change this however as they announced that they are working on a title based on Ong-Bak, a popular martial arts film series staring Tony Jaa.  Studio Hive, whose previous work involved collaborating on Front Mission Evolved (they have some beautiful art of the game on their site), doesn't have much of a catalog but hopes to release the game sometime later this year.

The idea of an Ong-Bak game sounds like something that should have happened quite a long time ago and I'd love to see them recreate the intense martial arts action of the series in game form.  Still though, I am cautious since it is from a relatively unknown studio.  One can imagine that the game would play a little something like this...

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  • J4g3r 3 years ago

    Do want!

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  • RedAmarillo131 3 years ago

    Another case of one of my random preminitions that comes to life. I have seen all 3 Ong Bak films (yes, it's a triolgy) and I think they should focus more on the 1st movie since 2&3 are about as linked to each other as the Soul Blazer trilogy (illusion of Gaia and Terranigma are the other 2). Im not getting my hopes up since its a "movie" game, but maybe it'll be like the Warriors which is the best movie game ever.

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  • The_Australian_Ashman 3 years ago

    Could be cool. Could be terrible.

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  • LauKungPow 3 years ago

    The Gods have spoken. Hopefully it will be good.

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  • WingZero 3 years ago


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  • lemith 3 years ago


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  • tenkail 3 years ago

    Ong-Bak! Dunno what to expect but whatever, Ong-Bak!

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  • CrossOutlaw 3 years ago

    Thanks alot chris for reminding me how much i want shenmue 3 more than any other game....forget ong-bak the game, great movie tho...shenmue 3!

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    • CrossOutlaw 3 years ago

      Btw...mmmmm that shenmue quick time event sounds.

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  • Sunsigil 3 years ago

    The youtube link above is from the movie "The Protector"

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    • Chris Davis 3 years ago

      ...staring Tony Jaa, the star of the Ong-Bak series.

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  • hfsyei aka chad 3 years ago

    do chocolate - god that movie is so good

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